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Lifestyle On Health

Lifestyle On Health – 8 Different Impacts Of Lifestyle

Lifestyle On Health: A way of life is a way of life shared by people, groups, and nations that is similar in geography, economics, politics, culture, and religion. Lifestyle refers to the characteristics of the people living on campus at a specific time and place. This includes people’s daily behavior and activities at work, work, play, and eating.

Over the years, lifestyle has become an essential element of health that benefits science. According to WHO, 60% of events related to health trends and quality of life are related to lifestyle. Millions of people follow an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, they seek disease, disability, and even death.

Problems such as metabolic disorders, joint and bone problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, violence, etc. We must think a lot about the relationship between life and salvation. Big changes are happening in everyone’s life today. Poor diet, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, drug use, stress, etc.

Examples are crazy lifestyles as a form of behavior. In addition, the life of citizens faces new challenges. For example, emerging computer technologies such as the Internet and virtual communication make our world a great challenge that threatens people’s minds and bodies. The attack is a technique of fire and abuse.

Lifestyle Influence On Health

Lifestyle Influence On Health

Therefore, according to current research, it can be said that lifestyle has a greater importance in the mental and physical health of people. These other patterns have effects. In some species, inbreeding is an important lifestyle factor that causes genetic diseases. This poor quality of life is a preventive measure to reduce the risk of genetic diseases.

In some countries, drug use is a bad way of life. Iran is one of the 20 countries that use drugs the most. They prefer drugs to other interventions. In addition, drugs are used against 15-40% of patients. Antibiotics, antibiotics, and antibiotics are widely used in Iran.

Although self-medication, like antibiotics, has adverse effects on the immune system, antibiotics are not effective for treatment when the patient has an infection. Overall, 10% of people who self-medicate have serious problems, such as B. drug resistance. Sometimes drug allergies are so severe that they can be fatal.

8 Impact Of Lifestyle

Finally, lifestyle changes that affect health can be broken down into a few parts;

1. Health and Body Mass Index

Health and Body Mass Index

Nutrition is an important part of life and close to health. Malnutrition and its consequences, such as severe pain, are a major urban health problem: a poor lifestyle can be measured by BMI. Living in the city leads to diet problems like fast food and poor diet, which leads to other problems like heart disease.

2. Exercise


Managing health involves a lifestyle of exercise. Regular exercise along with a healthy diet promotes good health. Some studies show a link between life and happiness.

3. Sleep Lifestyle On Health

Sleep Lifestyle On Health

One of the foundations of a healthy life is sleep. Sleep cannot be separated from life. Poor sleep has many social, psychological, economic, and health consequences. Lifestyle can affect sleep, sleep affects mental and physical health.



Journalism is considered a bad way of life. Each and every drug abuse can cause many problems: heart disease, asthma, cancer, and brain disease. According to a study in Iran, 43% of women and 64% of men use noise. A long-term study shows that 30% of people between 18 and 65 smoke regularly.

5. Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

This is a form of drug abuse in Iran and is considered a bad lifestyle. Substance abuse includes self-medication, drug sharing, drug over-killing, prescribing prescription drugs, unnecessary drugs, wrong drugs, contraindications to missing drugs, and drug risk. does not describe the effect of the drug.

6. Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Modern technology makes life easier for people. Improper use of technology can lead to poor results. For example, using computers and other devices until midnight can disrupt and disturb your sleep. Mobile phone addiction has been linked to depressive symptoms.

7. Recreation


Leisure is the essence of life. Ignoring humor can have negative consequences. People risk their health through bad decisions and bad holidays.

8. Education Lifestyle On Health

Education Lifestyle On Health

Education is the exercise of the soul. Living knowledge will lead to physical and mental health. For example, the prevalence of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease is lower in literate people. The education process can be delayed in dementia

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