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Make Money In Zelda

Make Money In Zelda – 10 Best Items To Sell For Making Money In Zelda

Make Money In Zelda: The best way to earn rubies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to sell some of the items Link has collected on his travels. As players progress through the game, they will have more items in their inventory; Clothing, elixirs, food, monster parts, random ingredients, and more. It is better to sell things than to throw them away.

How to Make Money In Zelda

When deciding which items to sell, players must strike a balance between earning rupees and keeping their best loot. In general, they should not sell the tears of the realm with the best materials and not throw away important ingredients such as meat, rice, or milk. The best strategy for selling materials is to reliably sell something that can be collected, and then decide if rare and valuable items are worth selling.

Unwanted Armor

Unwanted Armor

One of the best parts of Tears of Kingdom is collecting awesome armor for Link to wear. Most of the time, players keep all their weapons in case they need their influence. However, others may not like the look of the outfit on Link, or think the armor effects don’t benefit much. Players can sell their unwanted weapons for high prices. If they later regret their decision, they can buy the item again from Cece in Hateno Village after completing the Hateno Village quest chain.


Important menu in TOK. The cursor is on Apple, showing Fuse Attack, Hearts Restored, and flavor text below the link.
Apples are a cheap and common fruit found throughout the Kingdom of Tears. It might seem strange to list them as a good thing for sale when players can only get a few rupees from them. However, in the early hours of the game, players can collect apples and sell them to vendors. Their general shape makes them easy to grow.

Nails, Hooves, And Fangs

Nails, Hooves, And Fangs

Claws, hooves, and teeth are integrated as weak parts that the player can choose on the monster. When crafting fusible items, players should focus on collecting horns as they are the strongest part of the monster. With animals such as Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom, Lynel, and other monsters, players can collect claws, hooves, and other parts. If the game does not count towards developing the goods the player wants, it is better to sell the resources and keep the horns and innards of the tac beast.


Amber is a common metal in TOK, found with flint and rock salt, which can be applied to early-game missiles and weapons for some damage. However, as the game progresses and Link gets some good stuff, it might be best to trade in his amber collection. At 10 rupees a piece, multiple trips to the caves beneath Hyrule can be worthwhile, even if players can’t find the rare metal ore.

Brightbloom Seeds

Brightbloom Seeds

Blinking in surprise, Link raised his hands to his face, a bright shining flower to his right. In the background stands a statue of a frog-like animal with wide arms. Brightbloom Seeds can be found in Hyrule Caves in TOK. These seeds and their massive variations are the main way players light up the depths when trying to access the new Lightroom. Giant Brightbloom Seeds are more useful than Small Seeds, and players end up with hundreds of regular Brightbloom Seeds. Rather than flashing small pieces from the depths, selling the large collections can fetch the equivalent of Rs.


There are dozens of elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Empire, crafted from the same basic insect or amphibian and enhanced with parts of powerful monsters. Many supplements can have short-term results due to the poor quality ingredients used. Essences sell better than they are used, the idea is the same as selling food, if it doesn’t make much, sell it.



Food is an important resource for TOK, which regenerates Link’s heart after injury. As the game progresses, players can cook better and better dishes that will bring back more hearts. Combining common ingredients such as mushrooms and potatoes

Make Money In Zelda by Star Fragments

Star Fragments in Royal Tears serve as key items to upgrade certain outfits. Every night, a piece of the star falls from the sky, leaving behind a trail of light. Each star shard sells for 200 rupees, so if players don’t have weapon sets that use star shards, you may need to sell rare items.

Make Money In Zelda by Dragon Parts

Make Money In Zelda by Dragon Parts

Many dragons fly over Hyrule in TOK. If Link can approach giant beasts, he can pick up pieces growing on their backs or pull objects from their bodies. The shards sell for 30 rupees, 150 scales, 180 claws, 250 teeth, and 300 horns. Like a diamond, the more expensive an item, the more damage it does as a combo weapon. However, there are so many monsters roaming Hyrule that you might have to sell Dragon Coins and wait for something else to come together.

Make Money In Zelda by Rare Ores

Diamonds are a great way to collect Rupees, but they can also serve as good sources of insurance and accommodate some special wishes, so players will want to hold on to the Gems. Some gems can give basic attacks to weapons, but it’s better to sell them.

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