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Mapping Keywords to the Buyer Journey in SEO

Mapping Keywords: A common SEO mistake when searching for keywords is that if the content matches the search term, it meets the needs of the target audience and ranks on the search engine results pages (SERPs). So they match their content to the name of the search term. Ignore key points that are the main purpose of tracking. Each question not only tells you what information the user is looking for (such as a hotel or a gift for someone) but also explains the purpose (or reason) of the search. Goals usually refer to specific stages of the buying cycle that a person faces.

What is a Keywords Mapping

By identifying the purpose of a user’s search, you can provide them with exactly the information they are looking for, when they need it. This increases their chances of success when they apply. In this article, I will walk you through the process of identifying keywords and topics that match the buying cycle of your target audience. So you can continue to develop your content strategy.

Keyword mapping is the process of applying brand keywords to specific pages on your website. It takes into account the purpose of the user and the content of the website. By creating keywords for your site, you tell users and search engines what your site is about. When you create your site, it doesn’t have to be basic maps. Rather, it should be an ongoing process of creating new content and reviewing old content. Essentially, keyword matching prevents keyword fragmentation and allows you to provide users with relevant information for your site’s needs. (contrary to competitors’ requirements).

Level of Consciousness

So if we start with awareness, we all know when you know your customer has a problem. Therefore, they need to understand their problems and find a solution. So, as part of understanding, you want to find keywords that help users or users understand or describe something or get information, regardless of the content or keywords that you create. So what keywords can we search for? The so-called keyword modifier. We now know that all keywords can be short or long, but modifiers help define the intent or purpose of the keyword. In other words, the variables we are aware of: are what, how, where, and who.

For this reason, depending on the type of keywords used, they can be changed in a position that is understandable for the customer. However, the purpose is informative because we all know that we use informative keywords to help users understand when they want to find information about something. So these are data-driven keywords. We don’t always talk about goals anymore. In fact, we understand that in the back of your mind, you are commenting with a conscious intention. However, if we want to talk about the goals that the user wants to achieve, it can be categorized as knowledge and information. So, awareness means that users are trying to find certain information.

Common sense questions that need to be answered quickly. How old is Beyoncé? This question is easy to find out because Google shows the user’s age without having to search for it on the site. This is awareness. So it’s very simple, very simple, very easy to understand.

Consideration Stage

However, when our client evaluates, the question now is: why is he at this stage, because he knows his problem about him? This way they will understand exactly what the problem is, but will try to find the best solution. That’s why it’s called seeing. They are weighing their options. In this stage, you have to explain to them what their options are and sometimes you have to show them because this is where users look for options. So here we can see content such as how-to videos or comparison guides. So, the keywords you get most of the time are a good foundation for dry skin, Canon camera reviews, iPhone and iPad reviews, and everything in between.

You can start to see how cheap it is. Now they know what the problems are and are looking for the best solution. This way you can compare costs. So these modifiers, you can see and know that’s okay, we have to show them based on user intent. We are here because we are business because we want to explore more products and services. So they try to consider their options. So it will be commercial. But what is the purpose? The goal may be to get them back to the right page. Thus, the goal of the websites is to find a particular website so that they can make a decision and move on to the decision-making stage.

But the point is, you want to create the type of content that appeals to the user’s intentions, e.g… The question they are looking for. So our client has a choice. They consider it the best solution. Therefore, the next step naturally becomes the decisive one.

Mapping Keywords and Decisive Stage

So they want to find the best price at the decision stage. I know which supplier I want. I know where to go for this solution. Then you will forgive yourself once again. You are just presenting. How to show it in the target section? It’s simple: questions. So we have questions that answer the most important questions. That’s why they come to your site. They know that you are the cause of my problem. That’s why I want questions. Maybe I need cases to read other people’s threads. I want to review the product.

I want to see what the experiences are like. So don’t be surprised when you see ideas for changing keywords. When people know what they want to look for, they ask for discount codes. I knew I’d always wanted to shop like Asos, so I wanted to find the Asos discount code. So I’ve already decided. Then you can see the competition. If you are a service-oriented customer, book now because you want to book a specific service on this site. This intent is transactional when they want to buy, subscribe, order, buy, or download a service. So now I’m in the final decision stage. I chose you, so that will be the purpose of this operation.

So let’s say job after job. So they are ready to do something. With each of these steps, you can create completely different invitations. So if this is an awareness blog to raise awareness, read more, learn more. This is a call to action. Read more for your consideration because we have an explanation.

You can register here and buy now. These are all calls that you can assign in different stages. Therefore, when building your strategy, it is a very clear way to tell your clients or executives how to map, rank, and understand these keywords. I think you will start tracking and understanding user behavior better because now you know Mapping Keywords why users are using certain keywords and where they are in the buyer funnel.

Even if you have to make wild guesses, this type of categorization gives you more clarity. You match keywords to the buyer’s journey and then return to the user’s destination. Hope this helps you and gives you a good idea of how to fix it, play around with it, edit the Excel sheet, and create a strategy that works for you.

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