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Mehndi Designs – 25 Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for Girls

Mehndi designs for every kind of girl. 25 simple and easy mehndi designs for girls. Remember the old Bollywood song “Henna Lake Rakhna, Dolly Sajik Ke Rakhna. It almost means “Wear your cape, decorate your crown, because your prince will take you with him”!

Henna is highly valued as it is the first step in starting a traditional wedding ceremony. There is also a belief that the more colorful your henna design, the better the life of your bride! Be it certification or simple facts, even a simple Mehdi design has many health benefits besides the beauty of our hands.

Mehndi Designs for Girls

But when and where did this tradition of henna body art start? The art of decorating human skin with henna is mentioned in the ancient Hindu Vedas which indicates the antiquity of this form. Thus, in the 12th century, the Mongols introduced intricate designs of the Mehndi on the arms and legs to decorate the body. Over time, models and techniques have evolved to suit modern tastes.

Then if you think henna is only for brides then you are wrong! You can practice this art inspired by this simple henna design!

25 Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for Girls

25 Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for Girls:

Do you think wearing henna is a complicated job and not your job? Well, if you practice it every day, it’s not rocket science. Thus, you start with a basic pattern and add beauty by gaining confidence. Then you can do it yourself or let your friend calm down and help him for a while. When completed, you can create a beautiful and elegant pattern in less than 30 minutes. Thus, are you ready for it Here are some simple and beautiful pictures of henna design to get you started?

1. The Art of Indo-Arabic Design:

If you are a fan of Arabic design then why not start your education? Take a look at this ultimate design that combines different elements to decorate your palm. Thus, the floral design is first drawn by hand, which is then crafted with geometric elements such as interconnected lines, rotations, points, lines, etc. Then, you can get ideas from here and create your own henna art!

  • Suitable occasions: small events such as family reunions, traditional worship, or the wedding of a dear friend. The design is complex, but not intriguing. So don’t wait for the opportunity!
  • Design Location: front and back of the hand. You can also try it on your feet.
  • Appropriate skin color: Any skin color because the palms are usually lighter than other parts of the body.
  • Matching pearl necklace: hand flower, statement bracelet, or ring.
2. Simple Lotus Mehndi Designs:

In addition to the simple flowers that we often see in simple pictures, then the lotus is another flower that is relatively easy to make. And when the lotus figures are more delicate, they look more traditional. In this simple design, lotus leaves and handles are beautifully used to create a simple and complete shape.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for family celebrations and celebrations.
  • Design space: This can be applied to the palm of your hand and the back of your hand.
  • Harmonious decoration: combined with ethnic and traditional clothing.

3. Checks Mehndi Designs:

Tiles are timeless designs and never get old! They are simple but beautiful! This is one of the ideas that take the traditional style of control to the next level. Thus, start with a beautiful heart-shaped design in the middle of the hand surrounded by a simple mandala design. Then the edges are decorated with different diagonal lines to make it look comfortable.

  • Appropriate occasions: This Arabic style design can be used for weddings, engagements, and other
  • celebrations. This sounds great for family gatherings and celebrations like Diwali!
  • Design space: This pattern works well on the back of the palm.
  • skin color: Light and medium skin color should be visible on the hands for color.
  • Jewelry: Simple bracelets, floral ornaments, or beautiful cufflinks.
4. Simple Three-piece Mehndi Designs:

This is a simple and beautiful Mehdi design consisting of three parts in the palm of your hand. Thus, no special patterns are used in this design. Instead, the palm part is filled with intricate details and then all three parts are sketched with the leaf outline.

  • Suitable Events: Suitable for celebrations and family celebrations.
  • Design space: This can be applied to the palm of your hand and the back of your hand.
  • Matching Decor: This design is perfect with traditional and bold ethnic clothing.

5. Roes Mehndi Design:

Inspired by lace, this unique design works well if you want to add some more sophistication. Start by carving some roses and leaves on the back of your hand with a simple curve. Fill them with henna paste to make them look thicker. Now draw a lattice pattern around the honeycomb design and finish it off with a curved design on the outside. Use rectangular and diagonal circles on your fingers for a perfect look!

  • Suitable Occasions: This design can be tested for birthday celebrations, family gatherings, celebrations, and even for celebrities.
  • Physical position: according to the back of the hand
  • Suitable skin color: Ideal for clear and glowing skin.
  • Integrated decoration: layered rings, stone bracelets, and floral decorations.
6. Legs Mehndi Design:

The awesome design of this henna is not as good as it sounds! After mastering the basic functions, combining them will be a breeze. First, draw a line to indicate the starting point of the drawing. You can do this at the level of the ankle or just below the knee as shown. Using it as a base, keep adding small shots and hitting to cover the whole area. Combine different techniques such as thick lines, thin lines, diagonals, domes, betel leaves, flowers, etc. Decorate the feet up to the toes.

  • Suitable Event: The perfect design for the bride on her wedding day. For smaller events, you can reduce the size of the template.
  • Design: It is suitable for legs and depending on the situation, you can make it at the height of legs or knees.
  • Suitable skin color: Suitable for women with light skin.
  • Proper Decoration: Get a thick metal cup with a hollow ring.

7. Handmade Mehndi Design:

Try this simple henna design that you can make in the shortest time! All you have to do is practice thick strokes, crew and circle, and viola! You’re ready to do it with your cone. Start with the back of the hand and drag the middle finger to the middle finger. Now fill this space with small objects and spread them to your fingers. For a minimalist look, make it more spacious and clean!

  • Appropriate Events: This is the perfect choice for simple occasions like reunions, campus parties, and informal events, and it looks more like a henna tattoo than a traditional party.
  • Body position: Tilts to the back of the palm.
  • Appropriate skin color: looks best on clean and medium skin.
  • Proper decoration: Avoid bracelets and bangles. Choose a diamond ring to highlight the design.
8. Beautiful Line Mehndi Design:

Rotation and lines are some of the easiest Indian designs to use. With a simple touch of your hand, you can easily create such a beautiful pattern. The best way is to start sketching and use the rest of the space to fill it. Add small details such as dots at the end of the angle for an attractive look. Use a different pattern for each of your fingers to add a sense of drama.

  • Perfect Event: Try this plan for your next family reunion or college party and wait for the compliments to come.
  • Design space: This template works on the back of the hand.
  • Match skin color: Suitable for light colors, as redness is more pronounced there.
  • Matching Decorations: Wear Shiny Jewelry To Highlight Your Design!

9. Floral Mehndi Design:

Featuring henna design legs with this beautiful pattern! Inspired by the beauty of cups or anklets used on special occasions. Start with a center flower pattern with a concentric circle. Decorate each with small details such as curves and lines. Now draw a small version of this pattern on the ankle and draw an ankle-like joining line. Why leave your fingers blank? Use only the tip of the henna cone to color this booklet.

  • Suitable occasion: This beautiful design is suitable for weddings and weddings. You can also try it on special occasions like Karwa Chauth to impress your man!
  • Physical position: The best position is on the legs.
10. Lotus Mehndi Design:

Try this design on the bride-to-be and always thank her. These paintings depict all the important symbols of Hinduism, such as lotus, mango tree, flowers, leaves, etc. Combine all the simple elements to create this beautiful henna art. Starting at the wrist, draw your favorite design at random and fill in the details with round, thick stitches and smooth lines. That’s all!

  • Appropriate Ceremonies: These ceremonies are made especially for weddings and good occasions like Diwali, Durga Puja, etc.
  • Body position: You can wear the main pattern on the front of the palm and open it further towards the back.
  • Proper skin color: If it is in the palm of your hand, you do not need to worry about skin color.
  • Appropriate decoration: Wear traditional temple bracelets, Lakshmi helmet ornaments.

11. Symmetrical Beauty Mehndi Design:

To master the art of henna, you must also learn the subtle and subtle differences in harmony. Here is an example where the central maps of Mandala are decorated with a parallel pattern on all four sides. Above you can wear traditional Arabic designs on your fingers. Do you remember the lotus pattern now? Add some of this beauty to your wrist and draw with a diagonal line. For the final touch, stretch half the mandible across the wrist!

  • Appropriate Events: Try it out for weddings, celebrations, and large family gatherings. They will definitely be stylish!
  • Body position: The front of the palms looks great and covers the fingers.
  • Suitable skin color: This design looks beautiful on clean skin.
  • Appropriate decoration: Choose a bracelet with mirror or silk thread accessories to add color.
12. Contemporary Free Hand Mehndi Design:

Hands-free is a great way to let go of your creativity and enjoy the freedom of experience. Practice with basics like tiles, dots, individual flowers, domes, and leaves. Now start with the circle in the lower corner of the palm and keep filling it with changing patterns. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Avoid clutter and keep the surface clean.

  • Suitable Events: This prototype is suitable for events such as social gatherings, celebrations, friends’ weddings, or occasional gatherings.
  • Body Placement: Use the palm of your hand to creating this design. You can take one or two items and complete the reverse.
  • Clear skin: Light to medium skin tones can stretch this design well.
  • Matching jewelry: hand flower, chain bracelet, and 2 rings

13. Easy Mehndi Design Opposite Pattern:

As you can see, for this simple and interesting design, the same pattern has been reversed and redesigned. So once you draw the pattern, the next time it will be easier for you. Get the cleanest design when you touch your henna cones.

  • Suitable Events: Suitable for parties and family celebrations.
  • Design Location: This can be applied to palms, arms, and legs.
  • Matching jewelry: Pair with Indian or traditional clothing for a beautiful look.

14. Arabic Mehndi Design:

It’s a new, simpler but more sophisticated design that seems difficult but easy to use. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Knowing how to use cones makes this henna flower very easy for you.

  • Appropriate occasion: Great and suitable for parties and family celebrations.
  • Design position: Can be applied to palms of hands and back of hands.
  • Matching Jewelry: This can only be combined with ethnic clothing and jewelry.
15. Simple Ring Mehndi Design:

This is a cool and simple fish design that every beginner should try. This design is very creative with its vase design and at the same time, it is eye-catching like a vase. They look like beautiful handmade jewelry. The fingers, however, are kept small.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for family gatherings and general parties.
  • Design space: You can apply it to the palm or the back of your hand.
  • Suitable decoration: match the fabric.

16. Heavy Mehndi Design:

This is the best simple henna design. This design has been appreciated by all young creators. Arabic designs have been combined with henna-style designs to create a very beautiful shape that may require a bit of practice.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for celebrations and family celebrations.
  • Design Location: This can be applied to the palm or the back of the hand.
  • Matching Decorations: Wear ethnic clothing with Indian or Western clothing or jewelry to enhance the look.

17. Perfectionist’s Mehndi Designs:

This is a great option for those who love a simple henna design. Patterns are placed in a complete curve that runs down the back of the hand, and various patterns are used as decorations, including a checkpoint that covers the tip of each finger.

  • Suitable Events: Suitable for family celebrations, celebrations, or reunions.
  • Design position: This can be applied to the palm and back of the hand.
  • Matching Terms: Pair the look with ethnic clothing and fancy outfits.
18. Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids:

It is design-friendly and child-friendly, as it covers most of the palms with a little henna. This prevents henna from spreading carelessly everywhere. The edges should be done carefully. After that, we just have to fill the henna well. When you are done, let it dry and if your child is patient, put it on your finger. You can also try this craft plan yourself if you are hosting a small family gathering at home for a pre-festival or small puja. With henna, you will be able to fully integrate in the traditional way without any effort.

  • Appropriate occasions: Suitable for small occasions such as parties and family gatherings.
  • Design Location: This can be applied to palms, arms, and legs.
  • Decoration: This design is suitable only for Indian clothing.

19. Simple and Intricate Mehndi Designs:

This particular design is also a sophisticated design in a simple henna design which may require some extra effort due to its complexity, but nothing can be achieved. The design is simple and modest, with repetitive patterns filled with special and complex details.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for celebrations and family celebrations.
  • Design Location: This can be applied to palms, arms, and legs.
  • Matching Jewelry: They should be paired only with ethnic clothing, with beautiful jewelry and accessories such as bracelets to complete the look.
20. Bael Mehndi Designs:

The design of henna is beautiful and at the same time very simple, its simplicity is in the pattern. The peacock and round flowers are designed to form a large ribbon on the back of the hand that runs from the wrist to the index finger.

  • Suitable for celebrations: Suitable for family celebrations and small gatherings.
  • Design Location: This can be applied to palms, arms, and legs.
  • Best Decoration: Pair it with Indian or Western clothing or any clothing of your choice.

21. Turkey Mehdi Designs:

A simple henna design, made up of all the patterns and patterns that are part of many cultures, is a perfect design to strengthen your henna skills. The Turkish and Arabic-inspired plaid designs as well as the roses at the end of the pattern make it unique.

  • Suitable Occasions: Suitable for receptions and family gatherings as well as celebrations and weddings.
  • Design position: This can be applied to the palm and back of the hand.
  • Appropriate decoration: Pair them with traditional dress and beautiful ethnic dress as it looks good and only matches this dress.

22. Foot Mehndi Designs:

When the henna design is tattooed, the legs look beautiful. The beautiful design of the handle with the cinematic branches gives it femininity and elegance. These tattoos are used on designer clothes that show off your legs.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for family celebrations and regular gatherings.
  • Design space: You can apply on your feet.
  • Compatible decoration: Indo-Western or with ethnic clothing. Add some beautiful chapels to see.
23. Traditional Henna Design:

This traditional floral design is simple and easy to make. Large flowers form on the back of the palms, which are then elaborated with small designs or earrings. These designs have simple hand designs on the fingers that can complement the palm design.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for family celebrations, small gatherings, and celebrations.
  • Design space: This can be applied to the palm of your hand and the back of your hand.
  • Harmonious decoration: be related to ethnic clothing.

24. Big Flower Mehndi Design:

Due to the middle part, this large flower gives the original shape when worn in the middle part. In this very simple engineering design, the flower should be clean and with shaded petals.

  • Suitable Events: Suitable for general events and parties.
  • Design space: You can add a beautiful shape by rubbing it on the back of your hand.
  • Matching Jewelry: This can be combined with Indian, Western, and casual wear.

25. Wedding Henna Design:

When you have other jewelry to wear in this piece, you can free your hips from the intricate designs and patterns of this simple design. Heavy jewelry is also usually worn on girls in Indian weddings, which can sometimes lead to some confusion. Wherever you intend to wear jewelry, it is best to avoid wearing handicrafts.

  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for family celebrations and small celebrations.
  • space: You can apply it to the palms and soles of the feet.
  • Appropriate decoration: Combine them with ethnic companionship and traditional dress.

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