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Experts split over the use of multiple COVID-19 vaccines for immunity

Multiple Vaccines Covid-19 Split Over the Use for Immunity

Experts disagree with the idea. That the people use more experts Multiple Vaccines Covid-19 to protect themselves from coronavirus. It is also beneficial for the person receiving more than one type of vaccine. To protect themselves from covid-19. Professor Javid Akram Said, vice president of the university. Professor Akram is the principal health science investigator in phase III clinical trials of two Chinese vaccines. Including casino biologic Inc’s single-dose chlamydia.

Multiple Vaccines Covid-19 Split Over the Use for Immunity

  • As Lahore VC reports there is still no evidence of the combination and pairing of different Vaccines.
  • Public health expert Dr Shahzad Ali Khan says the practice should not be adopted as multi-vaccine vaccination is not recommended.
  • Dr Aku Faisal Mehmood says, such studies are ongoing around the world and the results are expected.

And a Triple Dose vaccine developed by Anhui Zhi Fei long comes to a biopharmaceutical company limited. However, The professor added that there is still no evidence for the combination and pairing of different vaccines. Whether it is a new mRNA Vaccine Like Pfizer-biotech. And the modern vaccine or a traditional Chinese, Russian, and British vaccine. There is nothing wrong with people getting more than one vaccine. He said It was very helpful.

Test in Progress

The use of VC added that multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. They have conducted human studies using more than one vaccine to assess. Whether it produces a better immune response than a single vaccine. Professor Akram said in the Pakistani scenario. You can also choose the privately available Russian Sputnik v vaccine. However, the Public Health Expert Dr Shahzad Ali Khan Disagreed With what Professor Akram said in the Post. However, Education is Underway Around the World to Assess whether mixing.

And Matching different vaccines Can Provide greater immunity to experts Multiple Vaccines for Covid-19. Said the head of the Department of public health at the Academy of Health Services has of Islamabad. On the other hand renowned infectious disease expert Dr. Faisal Mehmood of Aga Khan University. The hospital was more cautious in responding to a request for vaccination different vaccines saying. Such studies are ongoing all over the world. However, he rejected the idea. That one could be vaccinated with more than one vaccine. But he said some people could get the vaccine Unofficially.

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