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New Ps5 Software Explained

New Ps5 Software Explained – Discord Voice Chats, New Social Features, and More

Today New Ps5 Software Explained Sony is rolling out a new software update for PlayStation 5 users worldwide. This means that while previously only available to beta testers, everyone now has new options, including the ability to use Discord voice chat on a video device.

This March 2023 software update is a Play Station 5 update. The latest PS5 update brings some welcome features. Check out all the features below or visit the PlayStation website for all the details.

New Ps5 Software Explained

Conflicting voice dialogue. Once you’ve been waiting, you can use Discord for voice chat on the PS5, including showing off what you’re playing.

First, you need to link your Discord and PlayStation accounts and log out of your PS5. This allows you to start a voice chat on PS5 using the Discord app on your phone.

New Features in Ps5 System Software (March 2023)

New Features in Ps5 System Software

New social services. Several other social features have been added, including the ability to request a screen share from your friends’ profiles and to join your friends’ games when new icons are available.

Discord voice chats

And a tile to see if your friend is playing the game. Look at it again – and log in to your PlayStation account to confirm your interest.

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New social features

You can also choose to manually upload images in the PS app instead of relying on the automatic upload process as we do now.

1440p update

Sony is expanding support to 1440p resolution, which is popular among gamers. Now it’s on the big screen.
In addition, it works with 1440p VR (variable refresh rate), which makes the game smooth in case of frame drops – in adaptive games. Wireless controller upgrade

How to Apply for the Ps5 Beta Program

How to Apply for the Ps5 Beta Program

Everyone knows the virtual console that asks you to fill in the DualSense controller every time you start an update. This is a thing of the past – now drivers can be updated wirelessly.

Wireless controller updates

The clouds will save. The PS5 has several new features to make it easier to access your PS4 cloud storage data while you play, including a new save notification.

The game captures voice

The game was recorded in audio. Finally, the new system replaces the game console, so you can control the PS5 with your voice.

Cloud saves

Although it may be too late to test the new software, you can sign up as a beta tester so you can in the future. Go to the registration page.

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