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New Whatsapp Feature 2022

New Whatsapp Feature 2022 – Users Can Find Out What Their Colleagues Really Think About Them

A new WhatsApp feature 2022 will give you an idea of ​​what your friends really think of your messages as the popular encrypted messaging app plans to add comments and more to its chats. Have you ever left on “Read” and wonder what anyone really thinks of your WhatsApp message?

Much is set to change with WhatsApp in 2022. In addition to a long-awaited change, new voice messaging features should also inspire users.

New Whatsapp Feature 2022 Respond To Messages Just Like On Facebook:

New Whatsapp Feature 2022 Respond To Messages Just Like On Facebook

Users will soon be able to respond to messages just like on Facebook and even manage notification response notifications so that they appear on their phone’s lock screens.

IPhone and iPad users of WhatsApp will be the first to receive the new WhatsApp updates, with an upcoming update due to the handling of group and individual chat notifications.

So far, there is no information on when Android users will be able to benefit from it.
An update is now available via the WhatsApp beta app, which anyone can subscribe to. This allows you to test the latest experimental features for the app, including those that may never release to the public.

Although the update allows you to manage responses to messages, it does not actually allow you to respond to messages yet.
WhatsApp Insiders WABetaInfo said: “You are now able to manage when to receive response messages, for individual chats and groups, and what tone to sound when you receive those messages.

“Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to respond to messages, but the fact that you can manage these settings indicates that responses to messages will be available very soon.”

How Do I Sign Up For The Whatsapp Beta?

How Do I Sign Up For The Whatsapp Beta

WhatsApp is set to get some major new upgrades this year. Including message responses that let you gauge how your friends are feeling about your messages.

Follow these steps to sign up for the new update and try it out first:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots, then go to “More options”

2. Touch Connected Devices

3. Press “Multi-device Beta”

4. Click on “Join the beta”

Once you have sign up for the beta program. You will be able to try out each new version of WhatsApp before it is release to the public.

Some of its features are experimental and will never see the light of day. So it’s a good opportunity to try some secret technologies.

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