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Nurturing Wellbeing

Nurturing Wellbeing – Can Online Schools Meet Student Needs

Nurturing Wellbeing: Online learning has become a viable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schools in the post-pandemic era. With flexibility, accessibility, and a wide range of courses. This is why students of all ages prefer online learning. However, concerns for the overall development and well-being of students are paramount in the online classroom environment. The lack of face-to-face communication is believed to hinder students’ emotional, social, and psychological learning. Therefore, an important question arises: can online schools meet the well-being needs of students? At Cambridge International, we are concerned about the complex relationship between online learning and student well-being.

Nurturing Wellbeing

In this blog, our online school’s development officer, Louise Bone, talks about mental health and… online schools and student safety in online schools. Develop your idea further in the future.

Online School Health Program

Take the survey to learn more about how Cambridge International Cambridge online schools contribute to student success. All of the schools surveyed had specific health programs such as social-emotional learning (SEL) or personal, social, health, and economic education (PSHE), and many schools made these intensive programs because and the students. This proactive approach helps students prepare for potential challenges. And to help them better meet their emotional and social needs in an online learning environment. However, the definition of quality used by online schools is sometimes narrow. It focuses on psychological, social, and emotional factors, rarely including other areas such as health.

Nurturing Wellbeing Expert Support

Many online schools offer professional support to help students get the help they need. Often, these support services come in the form of expert advisors. Healthcare professionals, therapists, counselors, parents, and children are familiar with these options and can be confident of additional support if needed. However, the recruitment of these experts is usually done proactively. This is often a challenge students are facing or have already begun. The study also found that some online schools are seeing the long-term effects of these specific roles. This is because it often overlaps with other responsibilities.

How Do Teachers Gain Influence

The role of teachers in meeting the welfare needs of students is always important. Online schools know that a strong teacher-student relationship can make a big difference in students’ lives. These relationships create a positive learning environment and a sense of security where students are encouraged to work hard and succeed academically. But building online relationships can take a lot of effort from teachers. Because it’s no use talking face to face. Online educators believe that the increased efforts will lead to greater cooperation with brick-and-mortar schools.

Extracurricular Programs and Clubs

Many online schools hold classes and create groups to promote student well-being. Homerooms are private forums or groups where students meet regularly for various purposes. Develop a sense of community these group meetings are usually held at the beginning of each day. It is a platform to develop relationships between students and their teachers or peers. And give students a personal space to discuss problems. In addition, these sessions allow teachers and coaches to identify potential problems and refer students to seek professional help if necessary. A “Learning coach” plays the same role as a teacher or class leader. Instead, the focus is on observing students individually rather than working in groups.

Partly online, Cambridge School allows students to join free after-school clubs. These groups are usually led by teachers and some students are allowed to take the lead in preparing a project. Clubs are a way to bring students together in a stress-free environment. Communication and making new friendships it also create a sense of community in the online school environment and leads to many interests such as psychology, coding, debating, and djing.

Follow Research Into Cambridge Student Well-being and Health

Using specialized programs to monitor and evaluate student performance is an important and innovative approach that some online schools use. Two prominent examples used by some Cambridge online schools are EI pulse and thrive, which are known to be effective in improving students’ lives.

Furthermore, few online schools use Cambridge Health Check, which goes beyond analyzing and applying data to students’ everyday experiences. The research covered various topics. Students’ well-being, including emotional distress level, screening for difficulties, and coping strategies during the transition. By using the tool, schools will gain valuable information about the specific needs of their students. This allows them to tailor support and interventions to their needs. In addition, the Cambridge well-being survey provides effective reports on the partnership between teachers, students, and parents that contributes to the overall well-being of students.

Nurturing Wellbeing In the Future

  • Assessment and monitoring of student health is based on the use of appropriate tools and procedures.
  • Make physical contact with students.
  • We support these additional activities so that online schools understand the role of social, community, and human relations.
  • Organize counseling and therapy services to meet the diverse needs of students.
  • Use training programs to ensure safety.
  • International travel allows students to understand the value of these experiences to enhance personal growth and international knowledge.
  • How can questions related to student health be introduced in the future? And reduce the burden on stressed students by eliminating the need for physical examinations.

The End of It

The rapidly changing online learning environment creates opportunities and challenges for improving student health. Although online schools are working well to meet the international needs of students. But they always want to grow and improve their lives. The work of the online school shows a good contribution to the emotional and social development of students. As the online learning environment continues to expand, focusing on student health is becoming increasingly important. To ensure that students succeed not only academically but also emotionally and socially in the digital age.

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