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Nvidia-Arm Deal Has Been Commission Sues to Block by US Federal Trade

In the Nvidia-Arm deal, In September 2020, NVD announced the acquisition of the UK chip design division by Japanese technology company SoftBank for $ 40 billion.

Thus, The Federal Trade Commission (FEC) said on Thursday that US chipmaker Nvidia was worth $ 80 billion (about Rs), leading to an increase in key global regulatory tests.

According to the FBC:

According to the FBC, the proposed measures will allow one of the largest chip companies to control competitors in information technology design. Thus, the movie is being taken in response to complaints from the apex industry. British regulators announced last month that the European Union is investigating the measures being taken.

  • Thus, The Army has licensed chip architecture designed for major manufacturers such as Apple, Qualcomm, and Samsung Laptops.
  • The hand was sold to SoftBank in Japan in 2016. Wings declined to comment.
  • Commercial time. Since its announcement in September 2020, NVD’s share price has doubled due to improved operational efficiency in its data center.
  • If the bill is not complete, Nvidia-Arm will be paid a divide of $ 25.125 billion (approx. 9,370 rupees) on Thursday, increasing its share price by 2.2% to $ 321.26 (approx. 24,090 rupees).
  • “No one expects this movie to be complete,” said Bernstein analyst Stacy Ragan.
  • “The data center story is really happening. Software is now an important part of the story.
  • I want to see this solution, but I think they don’t want it.”
  • Before the release of Nvidia-Arm, SoftBank plans to launch its first public subscription service.

As of the first half of September 30, it is not clear whether remittances to the IPO will reach Rs 80 million, 56.3% to 46.46 billion rupees (approx. 10,945 rupees). Billion dollars (about Rs.) Equivalent to $ 5,99,760 has been donat by Nvidia. This is the latest change to the Japanese party, which cut $ 10 billion (about $ 74,970) last month from Chinese e-commerce fund Alibaba and power-riding service DD Global. “High Cost, Some Options”

According to the FTC:

According to the FTC, the merger allows Navia to use technical controls to weaken competitors, thereby reducing competition, lowering product quality, and ultimately creating innovation. Americans use firearms products. The FCC added that the consortium provides resources and incentives for innovative next-generation technologies, such as operational data centers and driver support systems.

This measure supporting by many semiconductor companies such as MediaTek and Broadcom. However, other companies, such as Qualcomm, have expressed concern that NVD’s main focus will be on key technologies and the ability to think better about products in the future.

Nvidia-Arm CEO Jensen Huang:

  • At a luncheon hosted by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang last month, Qualcomm CEO Antoine said he appoint as the leader of the industry group of experienced lawyers.
  • At the request of regulators, Qualcomm is waging a number of wars with international regulators, including the FTC elimination.
  • “He’s the best defender on our field,” said Amun, a fan sitting in front of his audience.
  • The FCC claims to have worked with competing employees in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea. PUB. Can I find new country competitors in BGMI and PUBG Mobile Battle Royale.

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