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Oculus Quest 2 Vr

Oculus Quest 2 Vr Headset Bought – No One Could Buy A PS5 Or Xbox Series X This Christmas

It has been a very very strange Christmas time for many consumers given oculus quest 2 Vr headset the global shortage that has affected a host of products but mostly video game consoles.

It’s been more than a year since the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but consoles are still as hard to find now as they were just after launch, if not more so as the shortage has gotten worse. in many ways.

PS5 And Xbox Series X Consoles To Take Their Friends Oculus Quest 2 Vr :

An interesting side effect seems to have occurred this year. Since so few people could actually find PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles to take their friends or family with, we’ve seen an increase in a different type of hardware. Virtual reality headset. Especially the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, which has seen the popularity of the Oculus app skyrocket to # 1 in the App Store, and has generated huge player peaks for VR developers.

The developers are pretty much out of themselves to say how ridiculous these Christmas promotions were for their game. They have never seen anything like it:
Are people just … really suddenly attract to virtual reality? That’s probably an explanation, but I think it’s a coincidence of factors and not just one thing.

  • I think the lack of consoles plays a big role in this. Even if your child wants a PS5, it’s still a lot of fun to ask him to open a VR headset and play with it on Christmas morning. It does not give sad recipients.
  • All the hype about Metaverse may have done some marketing work here. If you feel that this technology is far enough into the future. You may think it’s time to pull the trigger and invest in it. Even though reality is still far from these lofty dreams.
  • Finally, at this point, the price and ease of use of VR, especially Quest 2, which is relatively inexpensive (the price of a Nintendo Switch) and does not require connection to a PC. powerful gaming device to run (or use any cable), it’s the most user – friendly repeat technology we’ve seen so far.

If Half-life Alyx Did Not, I Do Not Know What It Would:

A constant question has been whether there will ever be a “moment” for virtual reality, a unique turning point where we have moved from niche adoption to mainstream adoption. I’m not convinced that such a clear time will come.

Or that a game can deliver it (if Half-Life Alyx did not, I do not know what it would). But this is one of the most important moments I have seen for VR, probably since the beginning, and it is part of a slow and steady increase in mass adoption.

It seems likely that we are still decades away from crushing the use of virtual reality. It will continue to evolve in terms of technical capabilities, price and portability. But it is a big step. Even if it was help by its competition simply inaccessible material.

Long-Term Usage Rates Will Be For Oculus Quest After Christmas:

I’m curious about what the long-term usage rates will be for Oculus Quest after Christmas here. One of my biggest problems with VR is that it’s a lot of fun and exciting to use once you capture it. But it can quickly end up on a shelf when potential players return to more traditional games.

On consoles, PCs or mobile devices. It’s too early to tell for these Christmas adoptees. But I would not surprised to see a drop in the coming week. Although the holiday rise is good news for the scene as a whole.

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