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Online Personal Information – Put a Stop to Being Sold It With Incogni

In our digital and Online Personal Information world, most of us are too young to see what is available offline. From chatting with friends to buying food, almost everything is done online. Only the registration process is necessary to retain your purchase information.

Most of us don’t think about signing up for digital services or letting platforms crawl our content for other purposes and purposes. This knowledge is essential when it comes to digital marketing and sales. They sell cannabis to businesses and online platforms.

Online Personal Information

your age, gender, location, first name, last name, email address, and phone number; All this is necessary for a service. Have you ever wondered why Facebook, Google, and others offer you free services? Why do you think you might get a free GB email? Watch free videos from your box, anywhere in the world.

Knowledge is power and great information for internet users is my hot area. Online information services have seen this for a long time and collect data, act as marketers, and sell it to whoever is willing to pay. Because you are an asset to them.

The Great Data Broker Rush

The Great Data Broker Rush

Even if the data controller receives information about you from other sources or new sources, this information will be collected and processed in an anonymous mode if deletion is requested.

To make matters worse, many companies violate laws and privacy laws by collecting information we haven’t consented to. Behavioral analysis, data capture, audio recording, and photography are just some of the things we collect without our consent. Is he happy? He can do it.

What could be the biggest controversy of 2016? Mark Zuckerberg’s post shows him recording with his camera and microphone. Better than sad. Data brokers collect information from online users and information purchased by different vendors for different purposes. What you say matters.

Incogni Lets You Remove Your Online Personal Information

Incogni Lets You Remove Your Online Personal Information

Marketing. Small businesses use your information to create targeted (and often intrusive) advertisements to encourage you to buy their products or services. Financial Institution. Insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions have information about your finances, credit score, and so on.

They need information about this. Your credit application, insurance rates, etc. They can make better decisions
and cheat. If the thief knows you, it is easier to extort money from you. From scams to real investments, scammers are always looking for their next victim to exploit your needs.

The real problem starts with erasing your data. Difficult projects, long strategies, and other issues may overwhelm you and you decide to abandon the project. Incony on the other hand helps you extract your personal data from data brokers in the process. In confidential mode, you are required under the law to return all information about yourself.

  • Cyber musicians. Sensitive information about you such as your date of birth, and name.
  • social security number is enough for cybercriminals to steal your identity and use it for their crimes.
  • No matter how careful you are, you will hurt yourself if you are too open.
  • Extracting data from these files is a pain.
  • Retrieving trading data is a challenge in itself.

Should I Be Worried?

Should I Be Worried

Upon disclosure of sensitive information, your personal information must be completely deleted and the transaction must be terminated. In addition, through the subscription model, Incognito may use the data of all registered data brokers to obtain the latest information about you.

All Incognito mode requires is creating an account and providing some basic information about yourself or the person asking. Unlike other platforms that ask you to pay for your data, Incogni only asks you to consent to the data.

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