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Oppo A55s Specifications

Oppo A55s Specifications Tipped by Geekbench – Bluetooth SIG – More Certification Listings

Oppo A55s specification, According to SIG Bluetooth specifications, the Oppo A55s supports 4th generation 5G (n3 / 28/77/78).

Oppo A55 has appeared on several certification sites, indicating that it can be launched quickly. The desired Oppo smartphone with the model number CPH2309 is displayed on the Gikbench model page.

  • The 5G phone can replace the recently launched Oppo A55.
  • The Oppo A55 is also show on the Bluetooth SIG test site.
  • Thus, The phone appears on FCC and TUV certified Rhineland websites.

Oppo A55s Specifications:

  • The Oppo A55 has been test with Gekbench 1,592 Multi-Core. Hive scored 510 degrees in the nuclear test.
  • According to Geekbench, the Oppo A55 runs Android 11 and has an 8-core Qualcomm chip.
  • The processor has two performance lessons with a maximum clock speed of 2.04 GHz and six lessons with a maximum clock speed of 1.8 GHz.
  • Thus, The Oppo A55s also has 4GB of RAM.

Oppo A55s Price and Availability:

  • Thus, The desired Oppo A55 mobile phone is available in two models, A102OP and CPH2309 via Bluetooth SIG. Data shows that the phone has Bluetooth v5.1.
  • Thus, The list of Bluetooth Channels shows support for 4 5G bands (n3 / 28/77/78). Additionally, according to a report by MySmartPrice, the Oppo A55s are FCC-Certified Oppo A5S and TUV Rhineland.
  • The processor is reported to have two performance cores with a maximum clock speed of 2.04GHz and six cores with a maximum clock speed of 1.8GHz.
  • Thus, Oppo A55s is reported to also have 4GB of RAM. And the 3890mAh battery and 18W 4000mAh battery support fast charging.
  • Thus, The Oppo A55 replaces the Oppo A55 which was released in October this year.  The Oppo A55 in India is Priced at Rs 15,490.  Thus, The base model is 15.4904 GB + 64 GB of memory.
  • Thus, Oppo has not yet officially announced the release of the Oppo A55s. Bet + on all four Cameras including GoPro and OIS-Vivo X70 Pro + Rs. 80 miles?

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