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Pakistani Ironman Asif Ali

Pakistani Ironman Asif Ali Reaches the Star – T20 World Cup

Pakistani ironman Asif Ali silences critics by destroying six, leading to Pakistan’s victory over Afghanistan. Former Pakistani governor and head coach Misbah-UL-Haq was pleased with Asif’s success.

Deceased Islamabad united manager Dean Jones was also a big fan of Ali. Dubai: no Pakistani cricketer has so abused and criticized for his failures.

And lack of performance as batman Asif Ali. His selection for the T20 world cup earlier this month also received criticism, not only on national television channels. But also loudly on social media. Ali also struggled with his form after his 18-month-old daughter, NUR Fatima, died of cancer in 2019, on the eve of the 50 over world cup in England.

Pakistani Ironman Asif Ali Reaches the Star:

But the 30-year-old recovered and silenced his critics, surpassing six to lead Pakistan to victory over Afghanistan and take the country to the top of group 2. Ali was Pakistan’s hero on Friday, breaking four sixes in the 19th over from pacemaker Karim Janat to beat Pakistan by five wickets over Afghanistan in Dubai.

This came two days after breaking three sixes during Pakistan’s match against New Zealand in Sharjah. Ali was once a railroad worker and his work turned out to be an old Hindi proverb about hard-hitting:

  • One hundred strokes of a goldsmith are like one stroke of a blacksmith. Who discovered Asif in 2011, told AFP.
  • Misbah was in charge of Faisalabad at the Pakistan super eight t20 national tournaments. When he saw a clear player in Ali and brought him into his team.
  • But Ali found the international scene difficult and with each failure. Misbah was equally condemned for giving Asif more opportunities than others.
  • Number six is ​​a tough position to fight and you want a striker in that position so I’m glad Ali is reaching for the star, Misbah said.
Painful Journey

Former governor Wasim Akram said fans who applied Urdu to the Proposed terms, suggesting Ali was being treated favorably, needed to show patience. They called him safari, park, but also showed that if you show patience, a talented player can be good, Akram said during a televised comment.

The late Islamabad United coach Dean Jones, a former great Australian, was also a big fan of Ali. Jones burst into tears during a post-PSL press conference in march 2019 when she said Ali’s daughter was suffering from cancer and then raised money for her treatment. He participated in the world cup 2019, 50.

But after scoring 19 points in two games, the selectors abandoned him. Ali admits it was a painful journey. Asif said he ignored the criticism on social media.

I do not observe criticism because I do not follow social networks at all, I am far away. My role was such that sometimes I joined the team and sometimes I drop. I play in the middle row. It’s difficult in this position. The kids in the statistics only see that I scored 10 points in three innings, but they don’t see if you only played three or four balls in the final.

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