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Dysmantle Update 1.01

Player.One Dysmantle Update 1.01 – Includes Several Screen Resolution Options

Player.One dysmantle update 1.01,It is a game where you control a survivor trapped on a miserable island full of disgusting creatures. Your mission is to destroy objects, gather resources, build outposts, survive all threats and, most importantly, So find a way out of the island.

Either way, the game recently received a new update that added more screen resolutions, which is great for those with better PC screens.

As for the modifications, the lumberjack damage to trees is on the rise. Aside from that, it is no longer necessary to visit the collapsed road when you complete the main activity as the crown stage has remove.

Monsters Can Now Cross Drawbridges That Have Been Opened Dysmantle Update 1.01:

Things can get a little more difficult for you, as monsters can now cross drawbridges that have  open.

For bug fixes, a potential fix is ​​being implemented that can address the issue where the descendant animation continues to play indefinitely dysmantle update 1.01. If the problem persists, report it to the developers immediately.

New Features Changed Player.One Dysmantle Update 1.01:

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  • User interface adjustments
  • Both players now sleep when they sleep near the fire
  • Changes to many item settings, such as HP, dmg threshold, and drop
  • Improved katana “DMG to monsters” parameter
  • The initial cost of inventing the bandage has increased slightly
  • So Increased cutting damage to trees
  • Therefore, removed Crown’s main mission stage, where you had to visit the collapsed road to continue
  • Changed the Crown Station Tomb Puzzle to a simpler puzzle
  • Slightly reduced severe protection damage
  • “Moved” mission changed
  • Stage sounds are suppress when playing Mythic Tablets

Player.One Dysmantle and Corrections And Improvements Of Bugs:

  • Location (some still strictly awaiting translation)
  • Audio crash (macOS)
  • Solid material magnet and reworked modifier
  • Many open world solutions for graphics problems
  • A little bit of optimization in the open world
  • The “Moved” task now only grants XP when completed
  • The main task now properly switches to the “Relay Binding” phase after examining the relays.
  • Power attack effects should no longer occur during normal attacks
  • Players can now press the Run button while exiting the Campfire screen
  • Fixed backup set for Windows usernames with special characters
  • The audio system switches from XAudio2 to DirectSound if the initial initializations fail
  • Fix a bug that sometimes prevent roaming enemy from getting stuck on obstacles
  • Fixed an issue with the Archaeological Expedition mission phase if the player skipped parts by mistake
  • Thus, Potential fix for a bug where the falling animation continues to play forever

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