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PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update – Patch Notes Teammate Recall, Updated Classic Mode, Mountain Biking and More

The PUBG Mobile 1.9 update has been rolled out gradually and it will only be a few hours before everyone can access the latest version to enjoy the new features. Each version has exceeded players’ expectations in terms of additional features, content and refinement.

The latest update will also commemorate the fourth anniversary of the game. Players can expect many new events. The PUBG Mobile 1.9 update patch notes have already been released and they contain a full description of all the content that will be included in the release.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Patch Notes:

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Patch Notes

  • New vibrant anniversary content: 4th Anniversary gameplay has been added in PUBG Mobile. Mode Selection – Ranked Mode – Erangel Theme Map / Livik Theme Map.
  • Colorful spawn island: Players can use 4 different colored balls on Spawn Island to color the 4 giant statues their favorite color to activate a special themed mode display!
  • Battlefield from the Air: Jump onto a vibrant air battlefield and don colorful clothes. Players return to the Battle Royale battlefield after being eliminated. So the lively air battlefield is only available in the first 5 minutes of the games.
  • Colored bikes: Grab a foldable mountain bike on the map in PUBG Mobile and unfold it in your backpack to use as a one-person vehicle. This bike doesn’t need to be refueled or charged, makes little noise when in use, cannot be destroyed, and can always be stowed in your backpack for a quick trip later.

New Fields PUBG Mobile:

  • Large Resource Field: Vibrant Plaza. Check out the Bike Show and other special anniversary areas. Additional Supply Crates are waiting for you!
  • Small Resource Field: Vibrant Camp. Check out and activate player-rated commemorative exhibits to relive happy moments. Collect battle supplies and souvenirs.
  • New small military camps: Vehicle radar has been added. Activate it to know the position of nearby vehicles and find them easily.

Improvements to the Classic Recall Mode:

Each player has 1 chance to return to the battlefield. Find the recall tower to recall eliminated teammates. Available in the following modes in PUBG Mobile, Unranked Mode – Erangel, Unranked Mode – Livik, Unranked Mode – Follow, Ranked Mode – Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode – Livik Vibrant Anniversary
utility business

Changed Supply Shop locations on the map and increased the number of Supply Shops to make them easier for players to find. Items sold in supply shops have been updated. Then, updated the cost of items in Supply Shops. has been adjusted to improve balance. Cards Affected: Unranked Mode – Erangel, Unranked Mode – Livik, Unranked Mode – Follow, Ranked Mode – Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode – Livik Vibrant Anniversary.

Other improvements Map Improvements:

The bridge leading to Erangel Military Base has update. So, The width of the bridge has increase, coverage has increase, and additional walkways have place on the sides of the bridge to provide more strategic depth.

Mechanical Improvements

Reduced frequency of countdown reminder in Playzone to minimize disruption. Thus, Improved the display effects of quick markers on the edge of the screen. Improved universal marker deletion and fast language wheel.
control improvements

Supports standard weapon swapping for more convenient weapon swapping in the water. Firearm attachments can now be swapped out while reloading to help players improve their reaction efficiency. Climbing function improved. Players can now hold down the jump button when approaching cover to automatically jump over it, also making it easier to climb through windows.

Settings Improvements PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update:

Improved the ammo collection configuration display effects of AC guns in Aftermath mode. Improved player experience when loading and searching for sensitivity loadouts.
Map Improvements:

  •  So, Consequences Improved the color change effect on gun sights. Improved shotgun handling and restored screen flickering that sometimes activates after firing.
Royal Arena: Attack:
  • Available (UTC + 0). In Erangel and Livik, a random area becomes a 4v4 battle zone.
  • The first team to reach the elimination goal wins. Thus, Respawn along with teammates after being defeat
    SocialCheer Park update
  • New Racing Gameplay: Support for two player racing and a variety of different vehicles to choose from. The shooting range has move to an indoor setting. So new hoverboard platforms and observation platforms.


  • Thus, Added clan announcement feature to make it easier for clan leader / co-leader to issue clan announcements. Thus, Added a “Collect All” feature for Clan Perks to make collecting Clan Perks more convenient for players.

Various game modes Metro Royale: Reunion

  • Availability: March 28 at 2:00 – May 10 at 23:59 (UTC + 0).
  • New weapon: FAMAS. So firearm can purchase on the black market or obtain from the map.
  • Balance Adjustments: Key aspects of bullet penetration and anti-penetration have rebalance to allow items with these characteristics to perform better in combat.

Payload 2.0 PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update:

  • So, This mode will remove on March at 23:59 (UTC + 0).

Security Basic security content

  • For more combat wall hacks. So, the Fog of War Anti-Cheat system will implement on some Arena maps and some classic modes and will implement via Dark Launch.

Account Security

  • Thus, Added function to change email address and mobile number.

Merit System
So, Increased the merit penalty for injured teammates, which increases with each accident. Players who are tire of their earnings for a long time receive exclusive space gift rewards.

Security Center:

The display of advertising content on the home page has improve. Thus, challenge missions of investigators and the way they earn EXP have improve. Added a view of historical data for investigators.

New Season PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update:
  • New Cycle Season: SEASON 5 OF CYCLE 2 starts in PUBG Mobile and ends May 18 at 23:59 (UTC + 0).
  • Set of legendary rewards: C2S5 goggles, C2S5 set, C2S5 parachute, C2S5 – MK14, C2S5 mask, C2S5 cover.
  • CYCLE Memories: So, New 4th anniversary missions. Collect souvenirs to unlock commemorative titles and exclusive rewards. Thus, New redemption shop added: updated redeemable rewards and changed redemption limit based on seasonal purchase limit.
  • Survival Score Calculation now takes player reputation into account – the more players summone to the game, the higher the survival rate.
  • Players of the following levels can team up: Bronze – Platinum, Gold – Diamond, Diamond – Crown, Crown – PUBG Conqueror.

New Pass Royale:

  • Royale Pass Month 9: Cosmic Clash in PUBG Mobile and ends. Get the Wukong Prime Set, Fluorescent Flash Set and Bizon, Kar98K and QBZ PP-19 theme finishes! Therefore, RP purchase screen has improve for better readability and user experience. Get a free RP voucher (60 CU) for next month’s Royale Pass.
Further updates and improvements:

New in-game achievements have add to celebrate the anniversary. Complete missions for limited-time exclusive achievements. Thus, adjusted the display of the MVP screen and the Friends screen in some modes. Added Dolby Atmos support to Arena.

Improved accuracy when targeting enemies based on shooting and footsteps sounds, as well as audio quality. The jump logic has improve to make the jumping experience smoother. So, Recently added scoring rule information has add to the results screen.

Fixed an issue that resulted in frame rate instability when using a high frame rate of 90 FPS on some devices with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

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