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PUBG Mobile New State Alpha

PUBG Mobile New State Alpha Test Registrations – How to Download, Regions, Devices, and More

Registration for the PUBG Mobile New State Alpha Trial has begun and then developers are looking for players with the store. This will give players a chance to win a new battle called TROI. In addition, a separate training card will be available, where players will have access to equipment, supplies, cars, and more.

PUBG Mobile New State Alpha

“We work hard to improve the game, but we listen. Except for 2021, we don’t know much about then the exact date, but we’re happy to announce that we will have a limited number of #PUBGNEWSTATE alpha tests in Q2 2021. Contact us for more information.” Thus, In this article, students will take a closer look at the PUBG New State Alpha Test, which explains copy, registration process, location, and more.

PUBG Mobile New State Alpha Data

The New PUBG State (Mobile) Selected participants will receive email instructions and an alpha test for the account used in the registration. Players can follow thus the instructions to download the Alpha PUBG Test Client to their Android device by visiting the Alpha Partners page.

Entry step
It is easy to apply for the PUBG New State Alpha Test. The following steps:

Step 1: Below is a link to the Alpha Test website. These Players can use it to access a website.

Step 2: Players must click on the “Alpha Test Application” button.

Step 3: Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service after careful study. Touch the button below.

Step 4: Finally, users will need to sign in to their Google Account to complete the application.

Alpha Test Timeline


  • Application Date: May 21 to June 6
  • Results: June 9
  • Pre-download: June 9 to June 11
  • Alpha test: June 11 to June 13

Regions and Devices

Alpha Test is only available for Android users in the United States, as Crafton has already announced. Then To participate in this process, players must have Android version 6.0 or higher and 2.5 GB of RAM or higher.

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