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PUBG Mobile New State

PUBG Mobile New State Release Update Date Of Alpha Test, IOS Pre-Registrations Details, Regions, and More

Crafton PUBG Mobile New State released in February and is one of the most anticipated games on the mobile platform. The upcoming offer is based on 2051 and includes items that will give future drones and other players a new Byte Royal experience. The developers recently released a video on the game’s social media links, which includes alpha testing, iOS pre-registration, and more.

PUBG Mobile New State

Alpha Test Release Date, Pre-iOS Registration and Other Details Alpha Date, Release Date and Alpha Test Area
Alpha test helps:

  • New State off alpha testing coming soon!
  • Therefore, players can expect that registration for the Alpha Test will begin soon. The video states that Android devices, thus will only be available in the United States.
  • The wait for iOS users will end when the developers announce that pre-registration for the new PubG status will begin soon on the platform.
  • You can follow us and wait for the official announcement. The following refers to the new state of the PUBG social media connection.

PUBG’s New Status on Android Pre-registration Steps For Players

  • Step 1: You can go to the game’s Google Play Store page. Your link was given in the tweet above.
  • Step 2: After that, users should use the “Pre-Registration” option. A dialog box appears and you can click OK to complete the process.

If players want to access and download the game, click on the “Install if possible” option. In a recent video about alpha testing, the developers noted that pre-registration for iOS will begin soon.

Alpha Test

PUBG new status announcement of the alpha test greeted the fans. This process begins in the next few days. However, the trial is initially only available for Android devices in the United States.

New State PUBG (Mobile) Players can check out the complete video below:

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