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PUBG New State Guns

PUBG New State Guns – 5 Best PUBG New State Weapons For Beginners

PUBG New State Guns is Krafton’s rearmost mobile battle royale game, and has entered an excellent response from its player base. Ever since a global launch, the base of players has been trying to figure out which munitions work stylish in the game and the new mate.

PUBG New State offers a wide range of munitions to its player base in an trouble to incorporate different play styles. Listed below are some of the stylish munitions that PUBG New State has to offer. This ordnance is freshman friendly to some extent and with a lot of practice, players can master these munitions to take their game to the coming position.

5 Great PUBG New State Munitions For New Players And PUBG New State Guns:

1. AWM:


  • This weapon has the highest damage per shot statistic.
  • The weapon is built for PUBG New State players who excel in long-range gunfights.
  • The only disadvantage of this weapon is that it’s available through airdrops, making it is incredibly rare.

2. Crossbow:


  • This gun in PUBG New State considers being one of the best medium-range weapons as it does mega damage.
  • The weapon is capable of taking down players with a single shot to the upper body when unarmed.
  • Beginners may take some time to get used to this weapon, but this way they can master any medium-range combat they encounter.

3. Vector:


  • This weapon is for those PUBG New State players who love lightning-fast guns that can melt opponents in an instant.
  • This weapon is great for close-range firefights and is great for peeking into corners while clearing an area.
  • This is another easy-to-use weapon and a must for beginners in their gear.

4. S12K:


  • This is a semi-automatic shotgun that makes a great secondary weapon.
  • This weapon compliments most players’ run and shoot style of play.
  • Not only does the weapon do high damage, but it is also semi-automatic, which makes it a very effective weapon.
  • Beginners may take a few games to get used to the weapon, but mastering this weapon will help players get kills with ease.

5. Groza:


  • This weapon deals high damage while maintaining low recoil, which makes it easy for beginners to pick up the gun and rack up some easy kills.
  • The weapon’s accuracy is perfect for players with a gung-ho playstyle, taking fights while having good movement.
  • This is one of the best weapons in PUBG New State and then beginners should run this weapon in their layout.

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