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PUBG New State Update

PUBG New State Update – November 18 Improved Graphics, Balance Fixes, And More On iOS

PUBG New State update has been around for a while, but it looks like it might take some work before it’s fully up to date. The game started with a few issues, some of which have already been fixed but others have not yet been fixed, which is why PUBG New State servers were regularly removed for maintenance.

The latest update, dated November 18, fixed a serious issue for iOS users where the anti-cheat solution was causing frames to drop out unexpectedly. Plus, the overall graphics quality has been improved on iOS, which is a big win. In addition to the iOS and Android-specific issues, there are additional balance fixes based on player feedback.

PUBG New Status Patch Notes 11-18-2021:

iOS Update

  • Fixed an issue where frames were being skipped due to an anti-cheat fix
  • General improvement in graphics quality
  • Remember that high quality graphics can lead to overheating. Therefore, choose the most suitable option for each device!
  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash after running the app

Android Operating System Update And PUBG New State Update:

  • Fixed an issue where the occasional crash issue would occur
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the [GO TO LOBBY] button would crash after playing the app on some Android devices

Weight Scale PUBG Update

  • Based on feedback from survivors, we’ve fixed a number of issues in the game
  • Fixed an issue where the airdrop sounded louder than the others
  • Updated the survivor feedback-based sound balance issue where detected footsteps sound too quiet

Troubleshooting And QOL Updates:

  • QOL updates
  • Field of view option
  • Added field of view (FOV) option
  • Select the FOV option by going to [Settings] → [Graphics] → [FOV].
  • FPP mode
  • The quality of hand gestures for users in FPP mode has an update
  • Fixed an issue where animation was out of sync when using an object from FPP mode


  • Fixed an issue where turning voice chat on or off in-game would make the app slow on iOS devices
  • Fixed an issue where using a Scout drone in FPP mode would change the user’s perspective to TPP
  • Where the package window would respond too late after tapping the buy button
  • Fixed an issue with the following option
  • Fixed an issue where teammates’ landing location would change when the leader used the preview option
  • Where the server fixed an issue would disconnect when switching from TDM to the lobby
  • Fixed an issue with the equipment of the helmet when doing the following: Change the helmet level> Preview the character> Open the inventory
  • Where the opening motion would be skipped if random boxes were opened more than twice in a slow network environment
  • Fixed an issue where the character’s head would disappear when entering the store right after logging in
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash abnormally when closing the banner popup on an iOS device
  • An issue where a note with a long title would be difficult to read
  • An issue where two users’ UI would overlap in the results screen
  • Fixed an issue where the New flag would not disappear on the Emote Inventory tab
  • Fixed an issue where the arrow would look strange the first time you ran Preferred Language Match.
Krafton Released Additional Update For Android Gamers And PUBG New State Update:

Krafton has also released an additional update for Android gamers that includes bug fixes for PUBG: New State. One of them is the Vulkan Visuals API limitation for Poco series smartphones, which caused the game to crash on some smartphones.

According to the company, the search function for the Invite to Team area block for the time being. Krafton fixed a bug that prevented the game from displaying a server when using the Next Server option on Android phones, as well as a zoom bug in spectator mode. According to the editorial team, users who have encountered crashes or general problems on Realme smartphones should also update their game via the Google Play Store.

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