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PUBG Patch 17.1

PUBG Patch 17.1 – PUBG Has Brought Sanhok Back to Its Original Glory

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG patch 17.1 is now available on consoles and officially brings it to all platforms. The latest battle royale update brings a freshly remastered – or perhaps unremastered version of Sanhok to the game, in a form that more closely resembles its original appearance. The patch also brings a new weapon, balance updates, and more.

PUBG’s Sanhok map underwent an overhaul in 2020, but despite several changes and updates since then, the community overwhelmingly preferred the original map shape. As explained in the patch notes, several parts of Sanhok’s map have been restored to their pre-reworked shape, including Bootcamp’s iconic lobster-shaped building, piers, ruins, and quarry. The original blue and green look of the map has also been restored.

Along with the visual updates, several new features will be removed, including Jammer Pack, Decoy Grenade, and Loot Truck. The study said this will not be the end of Sanhok’s updates as the team “continually discusses various methods to improve Sanhok.”

ACE32 Assault Rifle New Weapon:

ACE32 Assault Rifle New Weapon

A new weapon has also been added to all versions of the game, the ACE32 assault rifle. In the patch notes, the developer explains that the ACE32 is a high stability, low recoil 7.62mm assault rifle that should be easy for players to master to complete a weapon pool that already has automatic weapons from 7.62 mm – weapons are missing. The new shotgun will be available on all maps and in all modes except custom games in Esports mode.

The new update also kicks off PUBG Patch 17.1 of Ranked Play, so players should remember to claim the rewards from the last ranked play season and prepare for the next.

Patch Notes – Update 17.1


  • Training camp: One of Sanhok’s most popular hot drops, this abandoned training facility returns with its iconic lobster-shaped building.
  • Ruins: Fall back on the roof of bold rooms.
  • Docks (ex Getaway): Say goodbye to the tourist resort and say hello to the docks loaded with goods!
  • Quarry: Renovations of the flooded limestone quarry were also canceled.
  • Bhan: The unnamed group of houses has regained its original identity.
  • In addition to those listed above, Mongnai (formerly Airfield) will also return along with the original Caves, Mountains, Rivers, Pai Nan, Khao, Sahmee and Kampong.
  • Some textures from the current Sanhok map such as building walls, foliage, etc. have apply.

The following features will be removed from the original Sanhok:

  • Jammer package
  • Bait grenade
  • Loot wagon
The following elements remain in the original sanhok:


  • M79
  • 40 mm smoke grenade
  • Mk12
  • Bazooka
  • C4

Tactical equipment

  • Drone
  • EMT equipment
  • Sighting area
  • Tactical package


  • Mountain biking


  • The ACE32 will spawn on all maps in the world.
  • Weapon Slot: Primary Weapon
  • Modes available
  • Normal Matches, Ranked Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC),
  • Training Mode Not available in Custom Game – Export Mode.


  • Weapon-class assault rifle (AR)
  • Type of ammunition 7.62 mm
  • Single fire mode, fully automatic
  • Damage 43
  • Effective polygon 400
  • Initial speed 720 m / s
  • Rate of fire (delay between shots) 680 rpm
  • Optical attachments Range up to 6x
  • Muzzles All AR muzzles
  • Handle Accessories All AR handles
  • Magazine attachments All AR magazines
  • Attack football Tactical football.

Ranking – PUBG Patch 17.1 SEASON 17:

Ranking - PUBG Patch 17.1 SEASON 17

Enter the new era of Ranked with this update – Season 17! But first, remember to collect the rewards you get based on your last level from the previous season:


  • PUBG ID Emblem Bronze Bronze
  • Silver PUBG ID Emblem
  • Gold PUBG ID gold emblem parachute skin
  • Platinum Animated: Platinum PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
  • Diamond Animated: Diamond PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
  • Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem Animated Tag with Parachute Rated
Master Skin
  • Top 500 Bonus Prizes for Top 500 Players: Top 500 Animated PUBG ID Emblem
  • Top 500 Animated Nameplate
  • The Parachute Skin is a permanent reward.
  • The rest of the available rewards can use during a single ranked season.
  • Rewards can be found in your inventory at the start of Season 17.
  • Once Season 17 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, all rewards except the Parachute Skin will be removed from inventory.

New Articles in the Ranking:

The following items now also appear in ranked matches:

  • Descendants of the world
  • ACE32
  • Mountain biking
  • M79
  • Spawn the care pack
  • P90

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