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Quran App – Apple Offers the Quran App Program in China

Quran App, At the request of the authorities, Apple eliminated the world’s most popular program, the Koran, in China.

The Quran is available on the App Store worldwide and has over 150,000 reviews. It is using by millions of Muslims.

  • We have to learn that the program was removed because it placed illegal religious items.
  • The Chinese government did not respond.
  • The app was first deleted from Apple Censorship, the site that tracks apps in the Apple App Store.

According to Apple, Quran App:

“According to Apple, our Quran app has been remove from the Chinese App Store because it contains content that requires additional documentation from Chinese authorities,” the developer of PDMS App said in a statement.

  • “We are trying to contact the Chinese Electronic Space Administration and the relevant Chinese authorities to resolve this issue.”
  • The company claims to have about 1 million customers in China.
  • The Communist Party of China has officially recognized Islam as one of the country’s religions.
  • But China has been accusing of human rights violations and genocide against predominantly Muslim Uighur ethnic groups in Xinjiang.
  • Contraction in China’s Xin Jiang earlier this year.

According to Region Xinjiang in China:

According to  Region Xinjiang in China

Apple declined to comment, saying, “We have to comply with local laws and sometimes there are tough issues we don’t agree with governments.”

  • However, it is not clear what rules this program violates in China. According to the Quran “, more than 35 million Muslims worldwide believe it.”
  • Last month, Apple and Google eliminated a tactical voting program developed by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in prison.
  • Russian officials have threatened to remove customers from the ruling party if both companies refuse to quit the program.
  • China is one of Apple’s biggest markets, and the company’s supply chain is heavily dependent on Chinese manufacturing.
  • Apple CEO Tim Kuku accused US politicians of hypocrisy over US policy but remained silent on China.

President Donald Trumpple Said:

Tim Cook Donald Trump criticized the 2017 ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. But he accuse of censoring the Chinese government and has not publicly criticized the treatment of Muslim minorities.

  • The New York Times reported earlier this year that Apple would remove programs from China if the Chinese government removes the ban.
  • The program does not include Tiananmen Square, China’s spiritual movement Falun Gong, the Dalai Lama, and Tibetan and Taiwan independence.
  • Benjamin Ismail, Apple’s director of censorship projects, said: “Apple is currently the Beijing Censorship Bureau.
  • “They must do the right thing and then face any response from the Chinese government.”

Olive Tree Bible Software:

Another popular religious event, the Olive Bible, was launching this week in China. The BBC claims to have removed the show itself.

  • “During the App Store review process. We were told that Olive Tree Bible Software required us to license the program in mainland China with a book or magazine content.”
  • “Because we are not licens and need to verify our program update and delivering it to customers. We removed the biblical program from the Chinese App Store.”
  • The Amazon Observer AudioBook and streaming service Audio Ball removed the app from Apple’s mainland China Store last month, the Mac Observer said on Friday.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it will shut down its LinkedIn social network in China, making compliance with Chinese rules more difficult. The decision has been taken after questions were asked about restricting the profiles of some journalists on the Career website.

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