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Rarest Things In Red Dead Redemption

Rarest Things In Red Dead Redemption – Rarest Things That Can Happen In Red Dead Redemption 2

Rarest Things In Red Dead Redemption: Rare things are bound to happen in a game as large as Red Dead Redemption 2. These can range from glitches accidentally left in the final game to peculiar NPC interactions, or hidden secrets players have figured out. With so much to explore, it’s understandable that a lot of these things go unnoticed by players. Some rare things are expected in a game like RDR2; random NPCs. Meanwhile, some are small details simply overlooked or forgotten.

Rarest Things In Red Dead Redemption

Some rare things are expected in a game like RDR2; random NPCs left in for the developer’s amusement, and players figuring out how to reach inaccessible areas.

Lightning by Being struck

A rare and unexpected thing that can happen in Red Dead Redemption 2 is being struck by lightning. The reason why this is happening is unknown and it is very unlikely to happen in most gaming races. The lack of information on this suggests it’s a bug rather than a feature that Rockstar intentionally implemented. However, this odd feature remains a rare occurrence in Red Dead Redemption 2. Random details can be fun in even the most immersive RPGs. Whether it’s hunting down strange mythical creatures, or investigating mysterious murders. Players should experience some of these rare encounters in the next game.

One Hit by a Vampire

A vampire is one of four RDR2 characters that can kill the player in one hit, regardless of level. To find it, the player must find five pieces of graffiti left in Saint-Denis. If we look closely, we can see that they have drunk their blood. The vampire has a classic appearance, with pale skin, pointed ears,s and a mouthful of sharp teeth. If resisted, he will attack the player with his sword, killing him instantly if hit; However, if the player can defeat him, the Vampire’s body can steal one string of flesh and two bat wings.

Finding Marco’s Missing Robot

Bright Bouncy Boy is an RDR2 mission that players rarely complete. The three-part quest begins when Professor Marko Dragic needs help testing a radio-controlled boat for investors on a lake in Saint-Denis. After the job is done, the player must return a few nights later for the second part of the mission, where the professor asks for help to power up his robot. The test is successful, the robot takes a few steps before landing on the ground. Unfortunately, following them leads directly to Marco muttering the word “papa” to a robot sitting alone on a snowy mountain.

Filming Micha as John Rarest Things In Red Dead Redemption

There’s a long list of things to do after completing Red Dead Redemption 2, but looting Mika’s gun isn’t usually on a player’s list. This is one of those rare quests that many players don’t know about or don’t do because the reward isn’t that great. Although it is similar to the revolvers used throughout the game, it has a slight increase in damage and accuracy. While this is a fun mission for die-hard RDR2 fans, it’s understandable why the casual player wouldn’t be able to complete this mission.

Encounter with the Devil’s Trickster Rarest Things In Red Dead Redemption

Hidden in a tunnel southwest of Strawberry, the “Devil’s Liar” is a favorite character in Red Dead Redemption 2. The Devil’s Liar is first introduced after a long journey through a treacherous cave system.  He is rarely found and he is rarely met, but through parkour, players have found a way to his camp. When we get to the border, some interesting details may hint at the history of this self-proclaimed Devil.

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