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Realme 10 Pro+ Review – What’s Good? What’s Going on? What Do We Think?

Realme 10 Pro+ Review: The kingdom closes the year with its new advertising system, which was first announced in China. The Realm 10 Pro series is one of those models where phones change, especially when their prices rise and the features justify that rise. We do not associate the design and specifications of high-end phones, but at a price that is difficult to avoid, we have seen a change in the sector.

Take for example the new Kingdom 10 Pro+, which has a display that is priced in the region of Rs 30,000, but not by much. With the advent of 5G technology, brands will worry about access to resources, and the Kingdom is trying to pay for this in many ways with its unique plans. But does the Realm 10 Pro+ look and feel? We have been using this device for several weeks and this is our review.

Realme 10 Pro+ Review Answer: What’s good?

Realme 10 Pro+ Review Answer What's good

Well, this is where you should start looking at this. The Kingdom of God is looked at when planning videos and public speaking. People are talking about the amazingness of the curved screen, but it’s good that Raj came in line. The inside feel of the phone is also the selling point of the device and it can easily be mistaken for the Rs 40,000 price tag.

It also features an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is bright, producing different colors that make the content of the screen brighter. It doesn’t have HDR, but with Widevine L1 certification, Netflix content is very accessible.

The new phone uses the new MediaTek Dimension 1080 processor, which is an improvement from the MediaTek Dimension 920 we saw in the Kingdom 9 Pro + in early 2022. The chipset not only gives you 5G support (with two carriers) but also support. Tap into amazing movies and shows every day. It can also avoid battery drain thanks to better power management.

The basics are still the same in the 9 Pro +, but the results are better in bright and low light. We were able to capture the images accurately with a nice low light and low noise.

We have already talked about the phone’s battery management, and its 5,000 mAh capacity shows its value. The phone does not heat up more than a notch while charging, which takes less than 30 minutes with the included 80W charger, which goes to 67W on the device.

Answer: What’s going on?

Answer What's going on

We often start checking our phones while talking about this program. The new version of Kingdom UI 4.0 is based on Android 13, the interface is flexible and overall smooth. However, such programs should begin to eliminate the bloatware user experience.

But not only unwanted apps are ordered first, but no one wants this notification and it seems like a change of support to the developers of this app. If the Kingdom really wants to be a real icon, the software should have no problem with the Kingdom software working properly.

The main camera of the 10 Pro + lacks the optical image stabilization (OIS) feature of its predecessors. You will lose it when shooting video even in low light conditions. The second camera is again mediocre, especially the ultra-wide lens. There is no explanation, the color of the eyes is washed away. Maybe some software tweaks can bring the sensor back to life. This curved design is a plus and minus for us as it is lightweight and portable with a microphone.

Realme 10 Pro+ Answer: What Do We Think?

Realme 10 Pro+ Answer What we think

The best thing about this phone is its curved design, the interior feel, and its performance is good and most people can handle it easily. The battery life allows you to continue using the phone for a day. The main camera will impress you most of the time, while others will do the trick. The display is bright and unique.

But the software is full of bloatware that needs to be cleaned, and the distorted images can be scary. It is worth considering if you want a good quality phone at a reasonable price.

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