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Realme GT Master

Realme GT Master Edition Will Launch on July 21 With Two Changes

Realme GT Master: And was revealed on July 21. Standard Master GT Kingdom. And will be available in two variants which the company announced on a Chinese microblogging site ever. Side by side with the back of the camera. Has the species of the board and can be retracted. And the decision to a triple girdle of the wallet, in form. Hands Stock Relame GT master variations of the same board back. Then seems suitcase with a lot of the difference between the diameter. So far, and having made a crowd, for it does not share with us on the phone in the EU arcu.

Realme GT Weiber

  • Xu Q Chase, vice president of global marketing president, or kingdom, is the image of the Rebel Standard master of the Realme GT Weiber.
  • Showing the way in the back and a leather wallet.
  • This, indeed, without form.
  • Thus, the faces of the organs of sensation of various labors vertically up to three times.
  • The rear camera may have three regions at the top of a sound.

Realme Signature

Realme signature curved back gray around the edges of the brand and designer Naoto Fuksava.
At the same time, I see that in the Webs that it seems to have a different version of the company that has participated in a style with a leather wallet.

  • In the kingdom of the GT-Master Edition with the same intention.
  • But in a little different from the camera module.
  • The flash on a phone near a line shall be the lower of the sound.
  • But for three organs of sensation of the rods.
  • Also features the kind of branding and realms Canasta’s signature.
  • And it was revealed in the GT Mister Ed July 21 contained in the model are expected in the coming days, the company revealed.

It has not yet been provided with two distinct versions of the Edition. And the kingdom of the Relame GT of each of the reigns of the Master is unclear. So Sony has a 6.55-inch Super AMOLED display. A4 and 120Hz refresh rate. 65W phone also supports fast charging. Sony’s IMX main sensor (6) 666 0 megapixels. The report says that there will be separate from the main megapixel sensor -64.



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