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SEO Declaration – 6 Fundamental SEO Truths 2022

Brands and SEO Declaration professionals have to take responsibility for the performance of the websites they run and manage. Applying these six SEO truths will facilitate your achieve next-level website performance, consistent with Bruce Clay, founder and president of digital marketing optimization firm Bruce Clay Inc., who spoke at SMX Advanced.

6 Fundamental SEO Declaration:

1. SEO must be a Strategic Initiative Across the Business:

The whole organization participates in SEO. Start at the leadership level – everyone must understand that SEO is important, plan to it, and make it a priority.

You can’t do your SEO on Mondays alone. an individual cannot do random SEO. It won’t work if you do not work on SEO every day.

The organization has got to think about SEO every time there is a meeting to discuss changing the website. Someone therein room has to ask, “How does this affect SEO?”

“How can we improve the general quality and functioning of our website so that it actually generates traffic or meets a company KPI? … If the commitment is to do SEO, and if you think in it in the long run, then SEO may be a winning operation within your business, ”Clay said.

2. SEO should Beat the Competition, not the Algorithm:

We need to understand how ranking algorithms work. But our job isn’t to beat the algorithm. Beating the algorithm is an insurmountable battle.

Google makes thousands of search changes per annum and each keyword you’re trying to optimize for is essentially a new algorithm.

Your job is to beat the competition.

The best we can do is determine who ranks and determine what they are doing. Are there any common characteristics? Are there common words and may we use them better?

“The story I always tell is of two friends who go camping. They founded their tents. They light a fireplace. They’re cooking a meal and a bear comes. they begin running along the path, the bear is chasing them. The guy ahead doesn’t need to be an Olympic runner. Then, He just must be faster than his friend, “Clay said.

Well, SEO is more or less the identical thing. you’ve got competitors. you’ve got to be better than them.

3. SEO Declaration done Right Cares about Content Architecture:

Websites have to be built in such a way that search engines see you as an expert on the subject. But Publishing authoritative and reliable information requires concentrated effort.

Google prefers content presented during a clear hierarchical structure. In other words, a drill down (for example, an electronics website has cameras> digital cameras; an automobile website has Ford> Mustang). this is often called a silo.

“It actually works best in search because you’ve concentrated all the knowledge on that particular keyword in one place, rather than spreading it all over the website,” Clay said. “For SEO to figure properly. you would like to be the expert on the subject. So, you cannot casually throw a lot of things on a website and expect it to work.

4. It isn’t SEO’s job to make a Pig Fly:

Sometimes no amount of SEO can save a poorly managed website. due to this, website maintenance must be integrated into your SEO program.

You can’t just click a simple button and say you want to rank tomorrow when your site looks like it’s 20 years old, hasn’t been updated in years, or isn’t mobile friendly.

“It’s the SEO’s job to require that pig and work with you to genetically turn it into an eagle. Then you would possibly have something that works. Too many of us come to us with old technology. They haven’t updated their website for five years. So you’ve got not updated the content. and that they expect a reward from the search engine in front of the people who have always nurtured their sites,” Clay said.

The competition for scientific research is intense. Your competition may have a whole team working on their SEO. sometimes it can be like trying to take on sites with machine guns while all you have is a bow and arrow.

5. Business SEO Declaration may be a Near-Death Experience:

Economic SEO has consequences. it can hurt you No business should expect cheap SEO to figure well.

Do you want bad advice at half price or do you want good advice? How long will it take to figure out what went wrong after it went wrong? And how much does it cost you to fix it later?

What you finish up with with cheap SEO is inexperienced people experimenting at your expense and that they can often be wrong.

“Get it right and obtain it right the first time. you cannot afford to get it over with,” Clay said.

6. SEO ends when Google stops Changing Things and every one Competition dies:

SEO is endless project as research is constantly evolving. Here’s what your competition is doing. (Oh, and therefore the search behavior too.)

Google’s goal is to form users happy by putting a lot of effort into things like user experience and rewarding content that’s truly competent, accurate, and trustworthy.

“If you’re in such an environment where the program is constantly changing, experimenting, and trying to enhance itself, Then, these are changes which will seriously impact your performance in search results,” Clay said. “You can never stop at SEO. Search engines make sure of that.”

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