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Sindh Government Request the MDCAT Value for the PMC Rejects

Sindh government requested the MDCAT value for the PMC rejects. The Pakistan medical commission (PMC) has rejected another request from the Sindh government. To reduce the success rate of the medical and dental college (MDCAT) for medical students. During a meeting on Thursday, PMC president Dr. Arshad Taqi advised the delegation of vice-chancellors of the provincial medical universities.

To support the educational expenses of the poor but worthy students. Today the vice-chancellor of a medical university and the director of a private medical college in Sindh met with us. And asked us to reduce the MDCAT success rate for Sindh students. They have been informed that it cannot be done due to the instructions of the supreme court of Pakistan, the PMC president told the media.

Sindh Government Request the MDCAT Value for the PMC Rejects:

A three-member delegation consisting of Nawabshah, professor Gulshan Ali Memon, VC Jinnah Sindh medical university (JSMU) Karachi, professor Shahid Rasool. And president of the association of private medical colleges (PAMI), Sindh, Saeed. Professor Raj Muhammed, president of PMC. Arshad Taqi and then the vice president Ali Raza of PMC headquarters in Islamabad.

However, only two delegation members, VC PUMHS Nawabshah and a PAMI spokesman met with PMC officials. And VC PUMHS Karachi met to protest the PMC’s refusal to consider their requirements. Boycotted. Dr. Arshad Taqi, PMC president, argued that all these positions at Sindh medical college could easily be filled by students living in the state. He announced that approximately 7,100 candidates in Sindh have succeeded in MDCAT 2021 against 2,900 medical and dental schools.

Dr. Arshad Taqi advised the delegation to cover the school expenses of the students who benefited. But could not afford medical education. The VC, meanwhile, said it would advise the Sindh government to set up its own medical and dental committee through the legislature, as the PMC did not nod to the request. According to JSMU VC professor Shahid Rasool, some 1,900 positions at private medical universities remain vacant due to the Strict position of the medical committee.

  • This is the second time the PMC has rejected the Sindh government’s request on this issue.
  • Earlier this month, the PMC president, Sindh health minister, Dr. Azrapechho’s request to reduce the minimum admission criteria for MDCAT.
  • In response to Arshad Taqi’s letter, he easily fills all the positions in the Sindh government medical school.
  • As the number of candidates benefiting from MDCAT is more than double the number of positions available. I informed the minister of state that I could, he.

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