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Sindh Public Hospitals

Sindh Public Hospitals That Discriminate Against People Living With HIV and AIDS

Sindh public hospitals, experts protest discrimination against people living with HIV / AIDS in health facilities in Sindh.

Dr. Arshad Kazmi, special director of the HIV / AIDS Sindh CDC, sheds light on the plight of gynecology departments in public hospitals. Appeals for health education in Sindh.

Sindh Public Hospitals That Discriminate Against People Living With HIV and AIDS:

People living with HIV and AIDS Syd, especially women, are often referred to hospitals, including emergency rooms, and are reluctant to seek treatment at public higher education institutions in Karachi and South Africa. Rest of Sindh.

This was expressed at a meeting held in Sindh on Saturday to review HIV treatment centers in the state, hosted by the office for HIV and AIDS infectious disease control (CDC). Directors and directors of HIV treatment centers participated. They spoke about their performance and highlighted the issues they and HIV-positive patients face in the province.

The case became known internationally and caused enormous humiliation for the country. A senior government official said during the meeting, as reported by the news. In most cases, then the people at the top, including superintendents and doctors, nurses, and paramedics, discriminate against patients, which is a matter of grave concern, Said Dr. Kazmi.

Experts Call for Training of Health Professionals in Sindh:

In particular, he drew attention to the sad situation of the gynecological departments of public hospitals, requesting the training of doctors. Kazmi suggested setting up treatment centers for HIV where HIV-positive men, women. And children could receive treatment and diagnosis under one roof. Aga khan university hospital specialist infectious diseases specialist Dr. Faisal Mehmood also acknowledged. He agreed that healthcare providers need training to better treat and treat HIV patients.

As ordinary people, some doctors and health professionals are also reluctant to treat patients with HIV. But I think this is more due to a lack of information and training in prevention. And then the control of infections, he said. He said they would contact health officials to help officials dealing with HIV in Sindh.

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