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Smartphone Screen Guards

Smartphone Screen Guards – 15 Best Types of Glass Screen Protectors for Smartphones In 2024

Smartphone Screen Guards: The best way to protect and enhance your phone is to get a glass screen protector. It can prevent your screen from being scratched. A dented display looks ugly and reduces the value of the device.

Smartphone Screen Guards

In the market, many tempered glass screen protector manufacturers make different promises and list different features to attract customers around the world. It’s easy to see why a tempered glass screen protector is a good idea, However, keep in mind that every phone has its requirements and not all mobile screen protectors are suitable for every smartphone display.

  • Shatter Resistant for Better Protection: The premium tempered glass screen protector prevents the phone from shattering when you drop it on the ground and hit it hard.
  • A high-quality screen protector is required: the display depends on the light. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the value, the wider it is. Remember that the standard emissivity data for your phone’s screen protector should be.

A wrong decision can cost you money and increase the likelihood that your smartphone will break. But there’s a little more to think about with this type of phone screen protector. There are many types of cell phone screen protectors on the market and each one has its advantages.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Tempered glass screen protectors
  • Polyethylene terephthalate glass screen protector
  • A screen protector made of thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Privacy films for the screen
  • Anti-glare glass screen protectors
  • Hydrogel liquid glass screen protectors

This will help you choose your desires.

  • Scratch Resistant Properties and Durability: If you are looking for a tough glass screen protector, remember that in addition to scratches, cell phone glass can also withstand blades, scissors, keys, and other sharp objects.
  • The perfect size fits your screen: You should hold your phone and pay attention to the size, especially in light-sensitive areas with a very good picture and no bubbles when the phone screen protector is in place. A tempered glass screen protector can protect your mobile phone.

15 Best Types of Glass Screen Protectors for Smartphones in 2024

Below are 15 popular glass screen protectors in the mobile industry. Check out the following:

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Screen Protector

This is the same plastic used in reusable bottles. Mobile phone screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are relatively flexible, shatterproof, and scratch-resistant. Because it’s just a piece of plastic cut to fit your screen, it comes in all sizes and is inexpensive. However, this kind of screen protector is not suitable for long-term use because it cannot prevent cracking when your phone falls on the phone. down


Excellent clarity and transmission
It s cheap


It recognizes marks and fingerprints.

Not suitable for long-term use

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Screen protectors

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) comes next in the food chain for glass protection. These are advanced plastic screen protectors that are scratch-resistant, stretchable, oil and grease-resistant, and very durable. However, its subtle softness allows it to withstand frequent shocks such as multiple falls and light scratches while maintaining its original component. For example, a light scratch often leaves a small dent in the soft plastic that slowly returns to normal. This ensures better protection from the effects.

Resistance to oil and Greece
You are welcome to participate
It’s tough

It costs more than a pet
Just a little self-sufficient energy

Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector

This glass screen protector is made of nano liquid to protect your smartphone from external damage. The silicon dioxide it contains has antibacterial properties and prevents damage to the display of your device. In addition, these glass screen protectors provide transparent, durable protection for your device. Due to the small size of the liquid screen protectors, the appearance and performance of the display are preserved. These are also easy to use as there are no fixed sizes.

Good optical quality
It’s very small and functional
It is expensive

Privacy Glass Screen Protectors

Don’t you hate folks staring at your screen on buses and trains? Then consider purchasing one of these privacy screen protectors. They are tempered glass screen protectors with a bit of polarization magic that limits the angles from which the screen can be seen. However, you must realize that it would become a double-edged weapon when you can’t see your screen well. Indeed not a good thing for gaming or watching videos. So use this only if you are superspy or do sensitive work on your Smartphone.
Nice Clarity
Guaranteed scratch resistance
It tends to attract spears and fingerprints
Not flexible and breaks

Anti-Glare Glass Screen Protectors

An anti-glare glass screen protector is a clear coating on top of the screen to stop glare from light and sunlight. These screen guards are great for people who use their phones or computers outside in the sun. Most anti-glare phone screen protectors have quite an oleophobic layer, which retains fingerprint grease from sticking to it. Because we usually touch our electronic devices, choosing a screen guard, including an Oleophobic coating that reduces glare, is best. With it, hone screens get greasy, making it easier to see.
Reduces smudging
Non-reflective and no glare Water-resistant
It’s very thick, making it sensitive to the touch.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

You should be very familiar with this, as tempered glass screen protectors are one of the market’s most common screen protectors. Since it’s popular, it’s also one of the better choices. But remember that temper phone screen protectors usually have multiple layers: a silicon base, a PET film layer, and a glass layer on the top. Even though it protects healthily from scratches, all those layers make it denser than the rest. You can forget about an “invisible” screen guard when using this one, as it will undoubtedly add a bit of thickness to the screen.
Excellent Clarity and transmission
It can’t be scratched
Fingerprint, spear, and dust magnets
Highly reflective and bright
Not Flexible

Matte Glass Smartphone Screen Guards

This is the matte version of the glass screen protector. It still has excellent scratch resistance. However, the surface has a “frosted look” to it. This reduces vision clarity, but the matte surface reduces distracting reflections and glare. In addition to protecting from scratches, flat phone glass protectors also safeguard the user from bright light. Due to the anti-glare protection of such tempered glass screen protectors, displays can be used outside, and even devices near the windows can be used without problems.
Good Transference
Not Reflexive
No Glare
Not flexible, breaks

Hydrogel Glass Smartphone Screen Guards

These glass screen protectors are made of delicate TPU materials, allowing them to be flexible and more durable. The coolest thing about these Hydrogel mobile screen protectors is they don’t leave bubbles or fingerprints on your screen and safeguard your smartphone from scratches as much as possible. They also have self-healing properties if severely scratched and are ideal for curved screens.

The technology and material used to make hydrogel screen protectors increase their cost. This screen protector, however, starts at just $6, which is reasonable given how much you likely paid for your Smartphone.
Excellent Clarity and transmission
No fingerprints
Very pliable
Very introspective

Ceramics Glass Smartphone Screen Guards

The ceramic glass screen protector, also termed the inorganic ceramic film, is one of the strongest screen guards. It’s made of alumina, zirconia, and Titania. After being treated at high temperatures, the ceramic mobile screen protector has high resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, high mechanical strength, and practical antibacterial ability. So it is excellent for protecting mobile phone screens and can be utilized for a long time. But it is pricey.
Excellent Clarity and transmission
As hard as glass
Reflective and Glaring

Matte Hydrogel Smartphone Screen Guards

The matte variant of the hydrogel glass screen protector looks and feels good. If you hate fingerprints and want to clean your display only sometimes, this is the right screen guard for you. However, like matte glass, the tinted surface removes some clarity. But, again, this is a price I’ll gladly pay to do cleaning and lower glare easier. It’s typically available in multiple sizes, but you are unlikely to find it easy to get for all kinds of mobile phone models.
No fingerprints, smudges, or dust.
Good Clarity, transmittance, no reflection, and no glare.
Rubbery does not break
Comparatively more expensive than some other kinds of glass screen protectors





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