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Special Happy Birthday Cake

Special Happy Birthday Cake Designs 2021

What is a birthday party without a well-made Special Happy Birthday Cake? Regardless of age, it’s always exciting to blow out the candles, cut the cake and enjoy all the attention of loved ones. Slowly, the cakes became objects of pride, grandeur. And contentment. It can also be said with certainty that cakes today are no longer limited to dessert tables. But have become part of the decoration itself! Whether you are planning for your birthday or your loved ones, rest assured that these unique and best cake designs will blow your mind!

Special Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake

Before proceeding to the gallery section, let us feed the strange error within us. With interesting information about the history of cakes!

  • It is believed that the tradition of the cake existed long before the invention of the modern birthday cake. The Romans celebrated important events such as royal birthdays and weddings using flat buns that looked like cakes.
  • In the 17th century, the idea of ​​having special designs for birthday cakes was created by the bakers. Who used a single top and decorated icing.
  • The cake was cut between a group of close and loved ones, who sang the traditional song Happy birthday, followed by loud applause.
  • Cakes symbolize happiness, love and bonding! This is why your family or friends make sure to bring one for your birthday parties!

Simple and Beautiful 2021 Cake Designs and Flavors

It’s time to get some cake inspiration with these modern birthday cake templates for the 2021 party:

Aeroplane cake

Plane Fondant Cake

Does your child love to climb new heights? Then choose this Aeroplane cake that appropriately represents her life goals! The one-tier birthday cake is nicely covered with blue fudge and decorated with a cloud-shaped Goubasta. The highlight is, of course, the cute little cake that shows a boy zooming in on his red jet plane. You can opt for a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake with a suitable filling!

Car Cakes

Car Themed Cake

Car Cakes are an instant success at children’s birthday parties! Best of all, when it comes to the ever-popular Pixar cars 2 themes, the applause is even louder. Thus, if your child is interested in this series, the 3d flash McQueen and Mater cakes can give an instant smile to their faces. To this excitement is added the red fudge with a checkered border. You can print the name and age on the front to look like a car dashboard! I love it? Let’s bet!

Adorable Mickey Mouse Cake

Special Happy Birthday Cake

This adorable Mickey mouse cake is ready to add some fun to your baby’s birthday party! Then the round cake has a delicious buttercream glaze, which licks your fingers nicely. The playful texture in red and yellow serves as a stunning backdrop for your favourite cartoon character. Then the white centre highlights the Mickey mouse printed image to make everyone smile!



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