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Sports in Pakistan

Sports in Pakistan Govt Committed to Promote Extreme Fehmida Mirza

Islamabad 17 March 2021, Chairman of IPC / Sports in Pakistan Council and Federal Minister Dr. Fehmida Mirza presented the Pakistani flag to the young Sarbaz Khan and Annapurna Chhoti (8091) from Hunza. M Look at the waves and Nepal.

Mr. Sarbaz Khan met the Minister during his visit to Nepal yesterday (today), and Mr. Abdul Josh Anpana went to Nepal with another member then and three members of his supporters. He had climbed the peaks above 8000-M and told the minister that his mission was to reach the peaks above 8000-M.

Sports in Pakistan:

Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr. Fehmida Mirza lauded the youth and its members’ efforts and said that the government was taking all possible steps to promote sports at the grassroots level so that the seas of youth could develop like them.

A good picture of the world. He also said that the government has already made its impact, but the media has seen a real vision for the revival of sports with the cooperation of national teams, community groups, and all stakeholders such as the sports ecosystem.

Government and People of Pakistan to Succeed:

He wants the government and people of Pakistan thus to succeed for the youth. The soldier raised the Pakistani flag and praised the introduction of the group meeting. They say it would affect him and his team and take him to other mountains.

The soldier raised the Pakistani flag and praised the introduction of the group meeting sports, saying it would affect him and then his team and take him to other mountains.

Praising the Pakistani flag’s performance and meeting with the group. The soldier said it was an incentive not only for him and his team but also for other climbers approaching the mountain.

Mr. Abu Zafar Sadiq (President) and Mr. Car Haider (Secretary) are members, thus of the Pakistan Alps Club.

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