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Study in Turkey – Turkey Success Scholarships 2022-2023

Study in turkey and scholarships for Turkish representatives 2022-2023 the 20th year course is open to foreign students from October 2021 and the deadline for submitting an online application for a scholarship is November 30, 2021. Turkish universities, as many know, offer world-class undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Schools provide experience and knowledge through cutting-edge teaching methods.

The Turkish government offers scholarships to international students through then the Turkiye scholarship program. In this way, international students can gain knowledge, learn new perspectives, and then earn a degree while in turkey.

Study in Turkey and the uniqueness of the Scholarship of the Turkish Representative:

This Turkish achievement scholarship program places students in the top 50 higher education institutions in Turkey in terms of level. It offers financial support and a one-year Turkish language course, which ensures that students adapt to cultural changes and feel more at home during their stay in turkey.

The successful scholarship program also offers a variety of seminars, conferences, cultural meetings, sports activities, internships, career counseling, and training. These activities allow international students to discover Turkish culture and expand their academic and professional support.

Programs Offered Under the Turkey Scholarships:

The scholarship offers many programs in different universities at every level of study. The programs are comprehensive and short-term.

1. Full-time Programs:

Full-time degree programs are offered in a variety of subject areas such as engineering, social sciences, humanities, and health sciences. These programs are mostly four-year and do not support two-year professional or associate degrees. It covers almost all areas and fields except health sciences. A list of universities and programs is available on the website.

There is an exclusive opportunity for international students to study at Ankara university of music and fine arts for a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. Then the degree program is also available in the music sciences. The ph.D. The program is only available in the music sciences.

2. Part-time Programs:

There are two types of part-time programs. The first (success scholarship program) is aimed at students who have already enrolled in one of the Turkish universities. It lasts one year and offers only a monthly salary. This will broaden the horizons of Turkish research centers and strengthen cultural ties between academics from different countries.

3. Other Programs:

Apart from this, there are some other programs covered by türkiye scholarships, such as the Turkish language program offered only to public officials, diplomats and researchers. Then the partner programs are individualized and targeted at specific target groups, such as citizens of Yemen and Syria.

Study in Turkey and Turkey Achievement Scholarship Coverage:

1. University Coverage:

Graduate program winners will benefit from a university program and placement, tuition exemption, a monthly stipend (approximately 800 800), airfare, health insurance, accommodation support, and a one-year Turkish language course.

2. Postgraduate Coverage:

Award-winning graduates will be covered in almost the same way. The postgraduate student will receive a monthly scholarship of 1,100 TL while the ph.D. Students will receive a monthly scholarship of 1,600 TL. The duration of the university scholarship is 4 to 6 years plus 1 year for the Turkish language course.

3. Other:

Turkish achievement scholarship program and research scholarship program only give one monthly scholarship to the winners. They do not cover accommodation or registration fees. Then the language and culture program offers a TL 2,000 monthly scholarship along with accommodation, airfare, and a Turkish language course.

Criteria for Applying for a Successful Scholarship in Turkey:

The academic position for undergraduate students should be at least 70%. For postgraduate and then-doctoral it is 75%. Applicants for the pharmaceutical, medical and dental disciplines must have at least 90% academic standing. Applicants for undergraduate studies must be under 21 years of age. Postgraduate candidates must be under 30 years of age and have a ph.D. Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply. Current or former Turkish citizens can not apply.

How to Apply for a Turkish Success Scholarship 2022:

Interested candidates can complete then the application for a successful scholarship in turkey. Applicants must first read the instructions carefully and then complete then the application form. Applicants must gather 12 universities of their choice.

There is no application fee, so applicants do not need to join third parties who require them to pay a fee in exchange for applying.  But some programs use English as a teaching tool. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English through standardized tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. These programs also require other test scores such as GRE, GMAT, sat, etc.

Students who have completed high school with international qualifications such as sat or GSCE are at an advantage and then may not be required to submit other test scores. There are no exceptions except those who already have a C1 level certificate for knowledge of Turkish.

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