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Vienna Biocenter Summer School

Summer School – Vienna Biocenter Austria Fully Funded 2022

The following applications are now open for the Vienna bio center summer school 2022. Vienna bio center summer school is a fully-funded international summer school in Austria for all undergraduate/postgraduate students spending 3 months in Vienna. About 30 students from around the world will attend this school.

No registration fee is required. All international applications from students (BA (Hons), masters, MSc) from around the world who are undergraduate/postgraduate students and have completed at least two years of undergraduate study.

This program will start the program, starting on Wednesday 1 July and ending on 31 August. You do not have to take the IELTS / TOEFL exam for this international summer school. The vibes school will cover accommodation, travel expenses, and salaries during the program. Summer school is, more than anything.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2022:

  • Country: Austria, Vienna
  • Period: 9 weeks (Wednesday, July 1st to August 31st)
  • Financial compensation: full investment


Vienna summer school is a fully-funded and fully-paid summer school. It covers the following:

  • Free student accommodation
  • Each student receives an after-tax scholarship of € 1,400 for a 9-week program
  • Medical insurance is included in the 9-week contract
  • Free pass with unlimited access to Vienna’s public transport during the scholarship
  • Refund of travel expenses to/from Vienna
  • Many social events

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All international students, regardless of their nationality.
  • You have completed at least two years of academic research (for example, a 2-3 year bachelor’s degree or a 1-year master’s degree until June 30) as follows:
  • (I) 3rd year of BA (honors degree) or BSc (honors degree) for 4 years in life science subjects
  • (ii) Approved or intends to apply for a master’s degree in the fourth year of a four-year BA (honors) or BSc (honors) in a life sciences field (this will be confirmed later).
  • (iii) masters in life sciences-related subjects in the first year of a two-year masters
  • 3 months of research experience
  • Excellent academic record
  • High-level English
  • Proof of enrollment in university courses for the current academic year and for the following year (if possible)

Selection History:

Successful applicants will be notified during the first week of March 2022.


The deadline to apply for Vienna bio center school in Austria 2020 is January 31, 2022.

How to Register:

The application process is online for then the Vienna school.


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