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Educational Classes

The Educational Classes 1st to 8th Will Be Suspended From April 28th

Federal Minister of Education Mister Mahmood announced, Tuesday, that the Educational Classes from 1st to 8th will be suspended from April 28th in areas where the Corona Virus positively report is high. The Federal Minister of Education briefed the media. After an important meeting at the national center. For administration and business (NCOC). Thus, where Education and Health ministers reviewed the pandemic situation in the Country. He said, that Provincial Governments would decide to close schools where the situation was deteriorating.

Key NCOC Decisions of Educational Classes

He made it clear that all council examinations, including the Cambridge, will be conducted according to the schedule previously announced by the respective authorities. Mister Mahmood said, he asked universities to extend entrance exam dates, while higher education institutions in the affected areas would continue with online courses.

  • Educational classes 1-8 will be off in the affected areas until April 28th.
  • Educational classes 9-12 will continue personal learning from April 19th in Pakistan.
  • Universities in highly positive areas will remain closed for physical classes.
  • Cambridge exams will take place as previously announced.
  • The universities have asked to extend the exam dates.
  • The next NCOC meeting is on April 28th

Regarding the exams, Shafqat Mahmood said that nearly 4 million students Across Pakistan take the exams for grades 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th in the third week of May. The newsletter announced by the Punjab government will hold exams from May 4 to May 24 and beyond. The minister said that some exams will also take place in June and July. He instructed the higher education community and universities to find a solution to the problem. The federal government had previously closed all educational institutions in cities where the coronavirus rate was high until April 11.

Collective Decision

The minister said students protest in big cities calling for the postponement of exams. On the other hand, the Sindh government suspended learning on campus until lesson 8 on April 6 for 15 days. Citing the dangers of spreading the coronavirus. The provincial government has also proposed that the center impose a ban on inter-regional and air transport to control. The third wave of coronavirus has devastated in recent weeks. The third wave of coronavirus has devastated the country with a daily load of over 5,000. The number of active cases has tripled in the past few weeks.

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