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Every year there is a deluge of hopeful young people who want to qualify for Archive Background F1 Hero, but some are better off than others. These are the guys who, in addition to GSM phones and carbon fiber folders, already have the ultimate driver accessory: Personal Manager.

Who Need A Helping Hand

It’s not just the new guys who need a helping hand. Damon Hill has always rightly been proud to reach the summit alone and act directly with Frank Williams. He has only recently sought outside help, but has not chosen a man immersed in the intricacies of the ruthless world of F1 Hero.

  • Many observers have suggested that Hill’s partner,
  • Who is inexperienced in this complicated poker game,
  • May have misjudged Williams’ situation.
  • The value of a street manager has never been better illustrated.
  • Jacques Villeneuve and Heinz-Harald Frentzen both have such a man by their side and will take the most coveted places in Formula 1 next year …

Involved In The Superstar Business And F1 Hero

There have been agents and the like involved in the superstar business since the Jackie Stewart era. But a new phenomenon has emerged in the last five-six years.

These are men who tie ties to future stars in their formative years, sign long-term contracts for a reasonable income cut, and take every step to the top. Like wives or friends, they are closely related to their drivers in the fold and often stay longer than them.
Some leaders are well-known names, such as:

  • Former driver Keke Rosberg – who leads Mika Häkkinen’s career.
  • Huub Rothengatter: who snatched Jos Verstappen off the map.
  • Some became famous for their positions, such as Willi Weber,
  • who led all the movements of the Schumacher brothers.
  • Others have long been familiar faces in the herd, such as Ortwin Podlech,
  • Who rescued Frentzen from the wilderness and previously worked with Rosberg and Thierry Boutsen.

Is it Possible for a Young Person to Get by Without a Manager

My idea these days is no, you can’t, says Craig Pollock, the seasoned Scot who has looked after Villeneuve for five years. How does a driver find the right agent?

When they trust the person and are happy with the results, says Pollock. But you can’t just say it from the first six months. You have to give the other person a chance. On the other hand, these young drivers F1 Hero may have to do this within a year or they will miss out. I know the sharks very well, but it’s very, very difficult to tell who the sharks are.

Students In A Swiss Boarding School

They met as teachers and students in a Swiss boarding school that was inhabited by children of the rich and famous. They crossed years later at the 1991 Japanese Grand Prix. In 1991 there was just a little boy from the past who came to see me, recalls Pollock. At the time, there was no question of becoming his manager. But I agreed to keep an eye on him, and that’s where it developed. He came to Switzerland three or four times to convince me to become his manager without really knowing what he was doing. I think he needed someone he could trust at the time.

Villeneuve Has Its Own Version Of Their Debut

Craig was involved in F1 Hero and I started seeing him a little, recalls Villeneuve. And the relationship was good straight away. We became friends straight away and I had a good feeling. I felt it was the way to go.

He knew me well, he knew what I was like as a person and as a competitor, and if he decided to work with me, he would be completely behind me and he would know what he was against … and vice versa.
He says it takes a lot of persuasion! It took a long time because when I went to Japan in 1992 he started helping me a little and got bigger and more dedicated. sometimes in Switzerland to make sure he has no chance of saying no.

Big Decision For Pollock F1 Hero

It was a big decision for Pollock to put his weight behind a man who had never driven in Italian Formula 3. If I hadn’t thought Jacques could do that. I wouldn’t have taken any chances with my career because I was in a relatively strong position, he says. The plan worked perfectly. In 1993, the Forsythe Green team was formed with the players’ money, and after a year at Toyota Atlantic. The team and their driver went to Indycars as planned. Villeneuve won a race in his first year and both the Indianapolis 500 and the title in his sophomore year. But in April 1995, before Indy, Pollock was at the San Marino Grand Prix and took part in serious F1 negotiations.

“There was a very, very positive response,” says Pollock. It was clear that the teams that were interested a few years ago were the middle class teams. The teams that got interested in Imola were the better teams.

He has his ideas and I mean,  said Villeneuve. Two people can discuss. He takes care of my interests and of course his, but they usually take care of mine. really dissatisfied, he won’t push it. Even with his newly developed business understanding, Villeneuve has no interest in doing everything himself.

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