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The First Arabic-Speaking Robot – Saudi Arabia Introduces the First Arabic Speaking AI-Based Robot

Saudi Arabia unveiled Sarah, The First Arabic-Speaking Robot capable of speaking Arabic and its dialect, running noise animations, and answering questions. Sara welcomed guests at the king’s digital pavilion at the LEAP23 conference in Riyadh, state news agency SPA said on Tuesday.

Sarah has a built-in camera that uses artificial intelligence to recognize when she is standing next to the robot. A conversation starts when a visitor says “Hello, Sarah”.Saudi Arabia introduces as part of LEAP23 (

The First Arabic-Speaking Robot

Sarah has a pre-trained model that recognizes different words in the field, recognizes sentences, understands their meaning, gives an appropriate answer, and sends it as text. The LEAP conference kicked off when cloud service provider Oracle announced a $1.5 billion investment in Saudi Arabia.

Sara is one of this year’s LEAP exhibitions at the Riyadh Fazad Exhibition Center from Monday, February 6th to Thursday, February 9th. This is the second major technology summit attended by representatives from companies such as Snap, Aramco, and Zoom.

The Technology Industry

The Technology Industry

Last year’s event brought $6.4 billion in technology investment to a kingdom committed to revamping its economy. There will be more than 720 speakers from more than 50 countries. Other participants include Google, NeoM, MasterCard, Ericsson, and Hong Kong SAR CEO John Lee.

Organized by the Royal Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo) together with Tahaluf, a joint venture between Informa Plc and Saudi CyberSecurity for all, LEAP is expected to attract more than 100,000 participants in total.

The First Arabic-Speaking AI-Based Robot

First Arabic-speaking robot

The Kingdom is celebrating innovative global data and artificial intelligence (AI) projects with the launch of Deepfest, a new collaboration event between intelligence and fake intelligence organizations in Saudi Arabia, as part of LEAP23 (

The first in-depth celebration of the global AI ecosystem.Alongside exclusive exhibits on companies that are changing the world we live and work in, Beyond Thought’s AI Deepfest conference program explores AI in tech, the Metaverse, women in tech, and more. demonstrate its use in fields such as -robotics.

Saudi Arabia Introduces AI-Based Robot


Saudi Arabia Introduces AI-Based Robot

Big names from the technology industry will also be hosted, including rapper and soccer player Charles Puyol. Saudi Arabia leads the technology with widespread use. And mandatory testing. The goal is to spread throughout the world. And become a channel for the empire of our country.

The result of this desire is JUMP. This seismic event accelerated the adoption of technology. And the transformation of the Saudi economy. Through LEAP, the kingdom will see the use of technology. Become a vital economic resource and become a regional hub for new equipment.

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