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Trial Version of Windows

The Trial Version of Windows Has No “Critical Requirements” for Cloud Pc Services

The Trial Version of Windows, Microsoft says it will guarantee the Trial Version of Windows 365. One day after the launch of Cloud PC, Microsoft stopped the Windows 365 free trial. Redman said the free trial of Windows 365 was stopped due to “high demand”. Windows 365 is designed to give users complete computing power with VR screens, RAM, and storage options. Based on personal browsing through the Windows 10 or Windows 11 service (if available). Provides device-independent access to Windows PCs in the cloud.

Trial Version of Windows PCs

“We got the Windows 365 beta performance from critical requirements,” Microsoft told users  Twitter via the official Microsoft 365 account. Thus, the company instructs users to log into the Windows 365 website to receive notifications as the trial period progresses.

Director of Project Management

Scott Manchester, director of project management for Windows 365, said in a tweet. “We have had an incredible response to Windows 365 and we need to stop our free trial program.

  • However, Microsoft does not yet have details on how many users can sign up for the free trial.
  • And whether or not they will continue to provide registered users under the free trial program.
  • Thus, we have contacted the company for clarification on these two aspects and will update the position when it responds.
  • The service is also getting more attention than expected from Microsoft.
  • Windows 365 was launch last month as Microsoft’s solution. To the growing demand for computers and Laptops.


Thus, The service is accessible via a web browser on all Windows. Mac, Pad, and Android devices for a complete PC-like experience. It allows customers to choose between various configurations, starting with the Virtual Computing principle, 2 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage space.

Price And Availability

In addition to the free trial, Windows 365 is available to users on a monthly payment plan. It starts from Rs. 1,555 and Rs. 12,295, according to his order.

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