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The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher Season 2 Has A Ciri Issue, But Not What You Think

I just finished season 2 of The Witcher, which I enjoyed a lot. Probably more than season 1 and its extensive timelines. Although one thing eventually bothered me a bit and I wanted to discuss this.

My problem is with Ciri. Not as a character, but as a concept. Let me be completely clear here, actress Freya Allen killed him this season as Ciri. She was easily the excellent performer in season 2 and one of the series’ best assets, so the problem was not with her. Meanwhile, Ciri feels that Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Neo are tenfold. She’s the whole story here, and nothing can escape her shadow.

Witcher Season 2 Inherent Power Unlike Anything The World:

Witcher Season 2 Inherent Power Unlike Anything The World

I do not even want to be one of those idiots who claims that Ciri is a “Mary Sue” and complains that she is too good and too fast. I mean, he has inherent power unlike anything the world has ever seen, he’s training his ass as shown this season. Again, that’s not the problem.

But I guess my problem may be with the source material, getting into potentially blasphemous territory, where I think Ciri as a plot unit is almost too global in this world. As in, Ciri is so important to everyone, just the character or group we meet, that there really is no room for intrigue that does not connect with it in one way or another or trust it completely.

At the end of the season (spoilers follow), here we are, where everything absurd is about Ciri:
  • Ciri is Geralt’s daughter of fate and his surrogate daughter, and he will protect her at all costs. Very good!
  • Triss has an amplified role this season, but it’s primarily too short to try to teach Ciri about magic (which is not going very well)
  • Yennefer is tasked with capturing Ciri and swapping her with the immortal mother in exchange for her magic, though once she realizes what she is. She will now be just as protective of her as Geralt.
  • The immortal mother, the big villain of the season, wants to cause enough pain to escape her capture. So she searches for Ciri to open a portal to her old bullet.
  • In addition, Ciri is the only one that can open portals for these spheres and has the ability to release new monsters from Earth’s obelisks.
  • Redania wants to capture Ciri because it would allow them to recapture Cintra’s throne.
    Nilfgaard also wants to capture Ciri.
  • First because we think they know how powerful she is, but eventually we learn that their leader “White Flame” is actually Ciri’s father, who was thought to be dead.
  • A mysterious team that hires the fire magician tries to capture Ciri for an unspecified reason.
  • The story of the refugee elves is mostly interrupted by Ciri, except that they eventually discover that she is partly elves. Has the potential to become the savior of their people.
  • Vesemir discovers that Ciri is the only one who can potentially create new wizards given the nature of her old blood.
  • The Wild Hunt is also trying to recruit Ciri to ride with them.

Do You Understand What I Mean Here The Witcher Season 2?

The only person I can say is more or less completely out of touch with Ciri. This season is dandelion (“ah boy surprised, I heard so much from you!”). But all the other kids are not just in family with her, it is consume by her and her power. Which has the potential to save or destroy entire kingdoms, races or the whole world. Or different worlds.
I keep thinking about Game of Thrones. Where Daenerys Targaryen looked like a character similar to Mother of Dragons. Breaker of Chains and everything in between. Still, even though she was a hugely important character, and in the end, arguably the most important character. The series not consume by her, and there was plenty of room for other story lines and other. Character growth points that were not directly related to her.

Geralt Solves A Kind Of Monster Mystery:

I just wish there was a little more room for other scenarios. This is something that season 1 did better, as we’ve had several “apart” stories where Geralt solves a kind of monster mystery. We have a very soon with his damn friend, but after that? This is Ciris show.

Fortunately, as I said, Freya Allen makes Ciri a terrific character alone, and that’s the main reason why the season is still going so well. But I have the impression that her central role is not properly central. She is the whole story in an almost overwhelming way. Follow me on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

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