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Tiger King 2

Tiger King 2 – Already Number One In The Netflix Top 10

While the first season of Tiger King 2 was one of the oldest in Netflix top 10 histories, Season 2 of the show seems to be fading after just a week at the top. Tiger King 2 is back with a small series of episodes but has lost its place in the top 10 in favor of a movie that previously ranked # 1, the most-watched blockbuster in Netflix history, Red Warning.

Tiger King has fallen to second place in Netflix’s top 10 behind Red Notice, although he still manages to fend off newcomers to the TV category like Cowboy Bebop, the new Korean series Hellbound and the last three episodes of Arcane. Big hits like Maid and Squid Game remain in the top 10 for the time being.

Red Notice Tiger King 2:

Red Notice hasn’t had a lot of competition in the film department lately. We saw a brief boost for The Princess Switch 3, and yet it’s back on the charts.

  • The Red Notice, on the other hand, has a resistance that we just haven’t seen with a lot of Netflix movies because of the format of a movie,
  • Two hours and then going by isn’t a recipe for staying.
  • At the top of the top 10 overall ranking as we see on some TV shows.
  • Red Notice has been the top movie on Netflix in almost every country.
  • It was released and even at theatrical releases.

It goes without saying that Tiger King 2 would not have the success of the first series as the main stories were all sold out. The first time around and Joe Exotic was not that interesting versus his prison sentence. Carol Baskin didn’t want to be part of season two, and the show features a lot of creepy Jeff Lowe. And it’s not just the weird, wacky package that started the pandemic in 2020. It’s a lot worse. Received from both critics and fans, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets further down the list here for the next few days. This is probably the last time we’ll hear Joe Exotic on Netflix, no matter how successful the first season was.

Ultimately Justified Netflix’s:

Red Notice, on the other hand, is a blockbuster that ultimately justified Netflix’s huge investment and the courtesy of the A-list stars. Hated by critics but loved by the public. It seems that Netflix quickly stumbled upon something and Furious. Which can develop into a variety of films? Red Notice 2 is definitely a surefire thing, but it’s unclear when it will arrive.

My personal hope is that now that all of its episodes release. Arcane can hit number 1 in the US where it’s struggling to find a place compared to other countries. But we have to see. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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