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Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs in 2022

Like any other online marketplace, the Top 10 Pay-Per-Click industry is full of affiliate programs, some of which can be incredibly profitable. With countless pay-per-click services available, businesses are always looking to the help of marketers and influencers to promote their offerings.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing experienced affiliate or a brand new affiliate looking to break into the pay per click industry, you’re in luck. To help you in your quest to make money from PPC services and software, we have selected the best pay per click affiliate programs to make money from.

Top 10 Pay-per-click Affiliate Programs Pay Generously Blogs And Websites:

Top 10 Pay-per-click Affiliate Programs Pay Generously Blogs And Websites

Perfect for promoting on blogs and websites, these PPC affiliate programs pay generously and some even offer lifetime recurring commissions.

Here are the top paying pay per click affiliate programs to promote on your website and blog in 2022.

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs With The Highest Payouts:

PPC protection main properties Of Top 10 Pay-Per-Click

  • 25% monthly recurring commissions
  • Payments after the 1st month
  • Payments by PayPal or bank transfer
  • 90-day cookie

What would this list be without our affiliate program? New for 2022, our affiliate program is extremely competitive compared to other programs in the industry and offers affiliates a great opportunity to enter a new market.

As click fraud increases and becomes a growing problem, more and more Google Ads users are starting to respond.

Our affiliate program currently offers affiliates a 25% recurring monthly commission on any plan for the first 12 months. Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer depending on the partner’s location, with payments starting in the first month.

It doesn’t matter if you own a PPC related website, agency or Facebook group. PPC Protect is an excellent service to promote to anyone using Google Ads.



Main Properties

  • Up to $298 per customer
  • Payments by PayPal or bank transfer
  • Bimonthly payments with no minimum threshold
  • Lots of affiliate resources

For many small business owners, managing PPC can be a huge waste of time and take up their daily planning. Luckily, Adzooma solves this problem by optimizing and automating all the boring stuff!

A popular tool for many business owners, Adzooma now offers an affiliate program with some great features. Affiliates can earn up to $298 per new customer with monthly payments via PayPal or bank transfer. And with no minimum payment threshold, even small affiliates can benefit from this program.

In addition to regular payments and the low payout threshold, Adzooma also offers exclusive affiliate offers and offers for high-volume senders and influencers. If you are an influencer in the PPC industry, this is definitely an affiliate program not to be missed.

SpyFu Top 10 Pay-Per-Click:

SpyFu Top 10 Pay-Per-ClickMain Properties

  • 40% monthly recurring lifetime fee
  • Payments by PayPal or bank transfer
  • 365-day tracking cookie
  • Bimonthly Payments

Competitor research and analysis is always an important part of PPC marketing and can often save managers hours of keyword research. To speed up the process of competitive analysis. SpyFu is an excellent tool that tracks each website’s PPC and SEO efforts and provides you with crucial information.

SpyFu offers a very competitive affiliate program that currently pays a 40% recurring commission on each plan for the lifetime of the account. And with plans starting at $33 a month and going into the hundreds, commissions can add up quickly.

Other key features of SpyFu’s affiliate program include a 365-day tracking cookie and bi-monthly payments via PayPal and wire transfer. SpyFu also claims to have a 2.5% conversion rate and less than 4% churn rate. Which is nice of them to provide you with some metrics to work with.

Don’t Hop:

Don't Hop

Main Properties

  • 20% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate partner coach
  • Affiliate Resources and Training Materials
  • Affiliate referrals receive a 20% discount for the first 3 months

Getting the most out of the paid traffic coming to your website should be a top priority for any PPC business owner or manager. Paid traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert. That’s where Unbounce comes in, a feature-rich landing page builder designed to increase sales and conversions.

Unbounce currently has an affiliate program that offers a lifetime commission of 20% for the duration.



Main Features

  • 40% monthly recurring commissions
  • Duration of the cookie of 10 years
  • Bimonthly payments
  • Payments via PayPal or bank transfer

As one of the giants of the digital marketing industry, SEMRush is like a Swiss Army knife for all PPC and SEO marketers. With the ability to conduct keyword and competitor research, the uses of SEMRush are practically endless.

You’ll also be happy to know that SEMRush also has an excellent affiliate program that offers affiliates 40% recurring monthly commissions on all lifetime plans. The lowest plan starts at $ 99 per month and can go as low as $ 399 for the business plan.

Their affiliate program also offers a variety of benefits including the longest cookie lifespan of any affiliate program – probably 10 years ever! Commissions are also paid twice a month via PayPal or bank transfer upon reaching the minimum monthly threshold.

They also offer promotional material in 5 different languages including Spanish, French and German which is great for affiliate marketers in these countries.


Top 10 Pay-Per-Click

Main Features

  • 10% monthly recurring commissions
  • Software at the agency and enterprise level
  • Perfect for high-level affiliates

Daily changes and reports are an incredibly boring part of a PPC manager’s life, and they take a lot of time. Thankfully, Optmyzer has heard those cries of pain and built an excellent platform that does all of this automatically with the click of a button across thousands of campaigns.

Similarly, Optmyzer currently offers a 10% recurring commission on all plans, which start at $ 249 per month and can easily go into the thousands. If you are looking for a company and agency level affiliate program, this is all you need.

Unlike the other affiliate programs on this list. Optmyzer only allows people who are already customers of their software to promote it. This ensures that their affiliates know what they are talking about when promoting their service to others. With this in mind, this partner program is best suited for experienced partners with a lot of experience promoting SaaS software.

Lead Pages:

Main Features

  • So, 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated support to affiliates and training teams
  • Duration of the cookie of 30 days
  • Exclusive offers and packages for customers

Leadpages, another landing page tool, helps top 10 Pay-Per-Click marketers connect with their audience, collect leads, and close sales by creating beautiful landing pages. A simple drag-and-drop editor means anyone from small business owners to large corporations can use this tool.

Check out their affiliate program, Moreover, leadpages offers a generous 30% monthly recurring commission on all of their plans, which start at $ 25 a month and go into the hundreds. The affiliate program also offers a 30-day cookie and exclusive offers and packages for top marketers.

Leadpages is also willing to work with you on a variety of marketing projects (if you can get the numbers, of course!). If you can get more than 200 people to sign up for a webinar. Leadpages will work with you to host a webinar that will help you increase your sales and answer questions. If you are a big influencer in the PPC space, this will help your conversions significantly.

Long Tail Pro Top 10 Pay-Per-Click:

Main Features

  • Thus, 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • High conversion
  • Perfect for SEO and PPC audiences

As the name suggests, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research program that specializes specifically in finding these long tail keywords. Perfect for both top 10 Pay-Per-Click and SEO marketers, this tool is a great alternative to the many other keyword research tools available.

Therfore, Just like the other keyword research tools out there because Long Tail Pro has a competitive affiliate program that offers affiliates 30% recurring commissions on all plans. Then, their lowest package starts at $ 25 per month and can go as high as $ 147 on the agency plan.

All affiliates who sign up for the program receive a dedicated affiliate manager who will help answer any questions and make sure they are on the right track. With keyword research tools always in high demand by digital marketers, this software is certainly easy to promote.


Main Properties

  • 20 yearly recreating commissions
  • Yearly payments through PayPal
  • 90- day cookie
  • First updates on new product launches

Thus, opening 20 tabs every morning to check top 10 Pay-Per-Click reports and stats is noway a fun task. If only there was a way to keep everything more systematized.

Supermetrics is an each- by-one marketing criteria reporting tool, and as you can imagine, it helps keep everything well organized in one criteria dashboard. Also suitable for SEO and social media marketers, there’s a lot of imbrication for this tool, which means you can promote it to nearly anyone!

Their chapter program offers all cells 20 recreating commissions on all their plans (which is a lot!) and can range from$ 19 to$ 190 per month. However, Stay ahead of the wind with your marketing sweats with a 90- day cookie and early updates on new product launches. In Addition, all payments are made yearly via PayPal and all cells have access to a full range of promotional accoutrements from their dashboard.

How To Make Plutocrat With Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

To make plutocrat from an chapter program, you must first have an followership to promote chapter products and services. This can be anything from a mailing list to a website to social media shadowing or indeed running paid advertisements.

Still, you can use the programs listed above to make plutocrat, If you presently enjoy a website or business that gets a good quantum of paid hunt business.

Just add them to your point in the form of detailed mentions or reviews. And you will help your followership discover. So, new PPC tools that could save them a lot of work and hassle!

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