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Traditional Sports in Pakistan

Traditional Sports in Pakistan Kabaddi, Kite Flying, Rassa Kashi, Yanda and Malakhra

Traditional Sports in Pakistan are Kabaddi, kite flying, Rassa Kashi, Yanda, and Malakhra were practiced in Pakistan. Pakistan is a hub of fascinating stories that are rich and tell foreign cultures. Every page of its cultural history, from street food to fascinating sights and sounds, is full of interesting colors and rich traditions. Traditional Pakistani sports paint a similar picture of energy, joy, and cultural empire. This game is not only played according to tradition. They also promote the physical health and well-being of local residents.

Traditional Sports in Pakistan is Kabaddi

Kabaddi is somewhat similar to wrestling, but it’s really a unique sport and often throws mud like your field. The funny thing is that Kabaddi has a strange purpose. When the wrestler enters the opponent’s territory. The slogan continues until the attacker signs the bodyguard and marks the opponent until he returns to court.

Do you think that would be fun? Sounds like a dynamic twist between wrestling and tagging. However, athletes need a lot of healthy foods, such as milk and butter, to gain competitive shape and strength. Kabaddi is a real-time cardio and aptitude test, so you need to keep your physical condition at a very high level to perform well in this sport.

Traditional Sports in Pakistan Kite Flying

Simply Traditional Sports in Pakistan is, a flying kite is a flying kite. To cut a competitor’s kite, you need to pay attention to all your senses. Unlike other sports you need to gain a lot of muscle and strength, no one demands more than the fact that you expected to fly a kite or beat your opponent. Will be blown

Unlike kites in other parts of the world, the inhabitants of this country took the game very seriously with great enthusiasm. When you visit this country, you can also see children flying around carrying used polyurethane bags and straw smoke. It was made every spring at home shops in urban areas, but now restrict to the building area because the cable causes multiple deaths. But you can still play and celebrate in and out of the countryside.

Rassa Kashi

Rassa Kashi involves strangling both teams and pulling a rope around them. The team that pulled the ropes won. The game is mostly play in the summer on dry land with a smooth surface. You may know this game as ‘Tag of War’. The locals who use the sport, as usual, get a lot of agility in their muscles especially the limbs. You will learn how to balance your body while exercising and how to use your heart power properly.


Yandi is a sport popular among the tribes of the Northern Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and requires tremendous talent. The game revolves around chasing an opponent until he falls.

In the tribe, people hold tournaments that claim to amass large treasures with music and dance. As the game progresses, the fun increases and it becomes more difficult for racers to beat their opponents from below. People have been training this game for months and years lack of. This game is from South Sindh. It’s a Kabaddi-like game, with no tags or spells. It’s basically like a wrestling match, where two wrestlers have to hold the opponent’s clothes tied around their waists.


Although many inventors have tried to combine the game with Kabaddi, serious players in Traditional Sports in Pakistan still follow the roots and regional differences introduced in each game. Kabaddi is popular in the militant city of Gujranwala, but Malakhara lives in Sindh Province to retain its original essence. Like Kabaddi, playing malakhara requires a lot of identification and body size.



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