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Twitter Acquires Podcast

Twitter Acquires Podcast App – Plans To Improve Clubhouse Rival

Twitter getting Acquires Podcast more serious about audio based on a couple of recent moves. In late 2020, Twitter debuted the beta version of its Spaces feature. Which is an audio-only chat feature create as a Response Clubhouse. Then, in early 2021, Twitter acquired the Breaker podcast listening app. Therefore, the possible intention of incorporating Breaker’s functionalities to improve Spaces, which was allegedly buggy from the start. Breaker, which closed as a standalone app in January, is intended as a more social way to listen to podcasts. Then, including episodes of likes and an up-to-date feed of your contact’s podcast listening habits. Now the Breaker team is expected to work on Spaces to bolster that feature and make it. However, true podcast listening destination and potential rival to Clubhouse, which is a popular independent audio-only chat app.

Tweet With Twitter Acquires Podcast Content Strategy Guide

To help marketers plan their content throughout the year, the company released a Twitter 2021 planner as an editable PDF. It includes pages to create marketing characters and a calendar that helps plan the next hashtag holidays and other national or international events.

However, as a PDF it does not integrate with the tools you are already using. For a social vacation calendar that integrates with your current calendar, try the Socialbakers Social Vacation Calendar.

Twitter Removes The Transparency Center From Adsncy Center

  • Primary design to provide transparency into political and issue-related ads.
  • Since those types of ads were a bane in October 2019,
  • The feature lost much of its usefulness and the company decided to sunset it.

Twitter Acquires Podcast Newsletter Service Revue

In an effort to help writers monetize their audience,” Twitter acquired Revues, a free newsletter service that allows anyone to create and publish editorial newsletters. One of the goals of bringing Revue to the Twitter umbrella is to make it easier for writers to connect directly with and grow their audience.

Keep Track Of Your Comments

  • Searching for old comments on Twitter can be, well, impossible.
  • Luckily, the platform has recognized this downfall and has implemented a listing specifically for ‘Retweets with Comments’ on iOS at least.
  • The newest listing feature no longer considers retweets with comments to be a unique tweet,
  • Which previously excluded comments from the total retweet count.
  • Instead, listings now include two separate categories to make finding comments easier than ever before.


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