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Twitter Anti Abuse – Twitter Announces Big Change To Fight Trolls

Twitter Anti Abuse, Twitter has announced that the company is updating its privacy policy to protect personal identity. Starting today, the company will not allow users to share media files such as photos or videos of people without their consent.

The company has already banned media files that revealed sensitive information like home address, identity documents, and contact information. However, the new rules aimed at cracking down on posts that could lead to harassment or invasion of your personal space. Interestingly, the new rules come just one day after the company announced Parag Agrawal as its new CEO, following the departure of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Speaking more about the update, Twitter explains in a blog post. While our existing policies and Twitter policies cover explicit instances of infringing behavior. This update will allow us to act on shared media without any explicitly infringing content, always. Without the consent of the person in the photo. This is part of our ongoing work to adapt our security policies to human rights standards and will apply globally starting today.

What Is Contrary To This Policy?

  • Home address or physical location information, including street addresses, GPS coordinates, or other identifying information related to places considered private.
  • Identity documents, including state-issued IDs and social security or other national identity numbers. However, these are subject to regions where certain information is not considered private.
  • Contact information, including personal non-public phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Financial account information, including bank account and credit card information.
  • Means of communication of individuals without the permission of the persons represented.

Twitter Of A Privacy Violation And Twitter Anti Abuse:

  • The new update essentially means that if a user or authority notifies Twitter of a privacy violation. The company will remove the post.
  • This policy does not apply to media featuring public figures or individuals.
  • When the media and accompanying tweet texts are shared in.
  • The public interest or add value to public discourse, the updated policy adds.

But if a public figure notifies the platform that a media file intends to harass, he can remove the post in accordance with Twitter’s “abusive behavior” policy. Some private publications may remain on the platform if the information displays in traditional or mainstream media or adds value to public discourse. However, it is not yet clear which posts with private information may be useful to the public. According to the company.

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