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Twitter Apple Is Avoiding Making Money by Promoting Privacy Changes

Twitter revenue is reduced change to Apple adverting privacy. Twitter reported Tuesday that quarterly revenue was up 37%, 3% higher than rival Apple’s privacy policy.

We are working to double our annual revenue by 2023 to add new features such as mobile phone chat rooms and attract social media users.

Thus, The bill estimates that ad revenue for the quarter to September 30 was $ 1.14 billion.

  • According to the company, Apple’s privacy has had a minor impact on ad revenue by preventing advertisers from tracking unauthorized users on their devices.
  • Investors expect Twitter switching to be relatively safe as most advertisers do not rely on targeted advertising.

Apple, Snap, and Twitter Are Facebook Partners:

Apple, Snap, and Twitter Are Facebook Partners

  • Based in San Francisco, the company is committed to promoting targeted ads, increasing opportunities for users to follow ads on Twitter.
  • Twitter chief financial officer Ned Siegel said at a meeting of analysts that the service provides information on the needs of people who can use it to deliver relevant ads.
  • We have many opportunities ahead.
  •  Facebook partners on Snap and Twitter said Apple’s changes will affect its ability to target and calculate digital ads. With companies quoting updates that don’t meet their revenue expectations.
  • Thus, Twitter subscribers’ daily ad revenues reached 211 million in the third quarter, $21 million according to IBES, and analysts estimated 212.6 million can’t catch.

Twitter Users Outside by the United States:

Thus, The number of Twitter users has increased by 5 million outside the United States. Since the previous quarter, but the US foundation has not changed. According to Wall Street’s target, Twitter’s total licensing revenue was $ 11.28 billion.

According to Twitter. buying and investing in a new data center this year will increase costs. By the end of next year, with an overall increase of 20% by 2022 social media.

The company estimates its quarterly profit to be between $ 1.5 billion and $ 1.6 billion. Twitter has previously announced that it will sell its advertising technology component to Mohib. It is expect to complete in the first quarter of 2022.

  • He said thus, The company did not expect to cover $ 200 million and $ 250 million in losses from MOPub Network sales.
  • It was not for sale. It meets Twitter’s goal of doubling its annual revenue by 2023.

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