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What is A Bohemian Lifestyle?

What is A Bohemian Lifestyle? – Characteristics of A Bohemian Lifestyle Everything You Need To Know

What is A Bohemian Lifestyle?: In a world of politics, war, and last days, one can’t blame one for searching for bohemian wonders. The modern bohemian lifestyle has gained popularity simply because it is at odds with everything we hate but has learned to embrace over the years.

There are many “truths” we learn as we grow up, but who wants to live their life like a machine? Go to school, get an office job, get rich, and die. That’s not how you see our planet.

What is A Bohemian Lifestyle?

If you have a Queen song in mind, it’s time to give her a crash course in bohemianism. The lifestyle includes spiritual aspects, ideas, and theology.

The word “Bohemia” was first used in France in the 19th century to describe the gypsy travelers who came there from Bohemia – a region of the Czech Republic.

As more and more people began to use the term, it came to describe the Gypsy way of life rather than their origins.

Of course, there aren’t many Gypsies, especially in Southern California. So why do we still hear the name so often?

Well, in our age of Facebook and Cronuts, bohemian is used to describe those who live bohemian, artistic lifestyles.

Modern bohemian life is filled with music, art, and literature – a way of life that advocates the doctrine of freedom over material things.

The word bohemian can also be used to describe things that are cheap, unusual, and perhaps perceived as odd by many.

Characteristics of A Bohemian Lifestyle

You won’t find the average bohemian-style signature cases, or the latest iPhone. Instead, they choose to explore our green planet while being free from the shackles that bind others.

Most bohemians deviate from the norm in their fashion sense. Environmentalism and anti-establishment views are also central to bohemian life.


Bohemians prefer to live in places with strong freedom of speech. The bohemian communities may still be emerging in areas with a cheaper cost of living.

Most bohemians don’t have a lot of money due to their materialistic lifestyle, which makes cheap neighborhoods vulnerable to benevolent attacks.

Order in Chaos

Bohemianism is the exact opposite of principles. Bohemians live a nomadic life of art, wonder, and adventure. They defy convention and don’t care what others say about the path they choose.

Go Against the Grain, But Eat It

Though bohemians are often associated with promiscuous sex, excessive drinking, and substance abuse, there is one area where they take a healthy approach — food.

Many bohemians follow a vegan diet and keep a close eye on their weight. The two most common reasons Bohemians go vegan are environmentalism and more energy.

Given that many Bohemians held Mother Nature in high esteem, it is not surprising that they did not eat innocent farm animals.

Though bohemians often oppose prohibition, they do draw the line at which something like eating meat harms the earth and the creatures that inhabit it.

The second reason Bohemians go vegan is to get more energy. Bohemians want to express themselves, explore the world, and pursue many professions, so it is necessary to keep their energy levels up.

Intellectual Pacifism

Although most commoners would think otherwise, most bohemians are highly educated.

They spend their time studying philosophy, honing art, and reading whatever they can find.

Most bohemians spend their lives painting, writing novels, or producing music. For many, it is not a very productive lifestyle, which is why many refer to them as poor.

But even if they are not among the leaders on a financial level, there is no doubt that they are rich in knowledge.

Anachronistic Bohemian Fashion

As we mentioned above, bohemians are rarely seen living affluent lives, which may be why they’re wearing old clothes.
Although they rarely buy new clothes, they still express their fashion style. They gravitate toward bright colors that help them stand out from the negative rhythms of society. The bohemian style is often combined with some gypsy and hippie elements.

The girls can be found in brightly colored, colorful dresses and skirts that are two sizes larger, while their males

Diverse Artistry of A Bohemian Lifestyle

Art and bohemian go hand in hand. Most bohemians spend their time on artistic projects like writing books, poetry, and paintings, but the list doesn’t end there. Singing, dancing, painting, poetry, and even blogging are common pastimes in the bohemian world.

From ancient cave paintings showing humans hunting and the hunted, art is a way to critique the flawed nature of the world around us.

From animals to presidents, there will always be a threat to our liberty that manifests itself in poetry, novels, paintings, and every other art form under the sun.

It was the great Thomas Merton who once said:

“Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

The late pastor wrote more than 70 books in his life. Much of his work focuses on social justice, spirituality, and pacifism.

The Seven Story Mountain is arguably Merton’s most important book. It was the autobiography that led to the migration of many people to the surrounding villages in the United States.

What It All Means

Bohemia live as they want. They do not care about procedures, wealth, social norms, or the judgment of others.

Lots of people call them bums, dudes, and lots of nicknames, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we can all learn something from the bohemians of our time.

Bohemianism can remind us of what we had in childhood but lost on the way to adulthood.

There is nothing wrong with striving for financial success and stability. However, we don’t have to sacrifice our creativity, curiosity, and everything else that makes us happy to pursue the things society tells us to do.

To summarize this article with a quote from author Jake Lizarraga:
“The enemy of progress is not chaos, but a trap.”

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