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WhatsApp Announced Accounts Won't be Deleted

WhatsApp Announced Accounts Won’t be Deleted On May 15, Delays New Privacy Policy Again

WhatsApp announced accounts won’t be deleted on May 15th. WhatsApp messaging app WhatsApp has scrapped plans to force people to agree to a new deal that could increase the data collection of thousands of other users around the world. Its expected to make its new policy on May 15 after a delay in phone users’ response they revealed on their website that they do not immediately hesitate to let people accept new words. , Even if they have memorized. No more people.

WhatsApp Announced Accounts Won’t be Deleted

This update will include information shared through WhatsApp and Facebook and other applications. Such as Instagram and Messenger, as well as contacts and text messages, but will not contain any confidential content of the message. According to the report, a special update for sellers who use WhatsApp to communicate with users – allows them to share information with Facebook. But critics fear it could open the door to sharing public information on Facebook and make it more public. “No one will lose their money or lose their WhatsApp activity on May 15 because of this update,” according to a recent website, previously seen by Verge and others.

However, users will use the code, and if they do not agree to the new terms some of them may be at risk of working. “Once we have given everyone a chance to review. We will notify them again that they did not do so for review and approval,” the website said. After a few weeks, someone else will remember it.

  • WhatsApp has abandoned its plans to force users to agree to new messages.
  •  Critics say it could expand the archive to thousands of users worldwide.
  • According to the report, this update is for WhatsApp users to use to interact with users.

New Privacy Policy

You can’t access your chat list, but you can still answer your video calls. You can’t receive messages or notifications even after a week or so of no work. They come and WhatsApp. The app stops texting and calling. The WhatsApp status dispute – which has been described by Facebook. As a misunderstanding of trying to take the business to the next level. It is part of a new group to address privacy concerns.


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