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WhatsApp Offers Greater Multimedia Previews, Expands the Setting of Missing Messages for iPhone Users

WhatsApp Offers reports of missing messages for iOS devices based on Android, iOS, and Linux in November last year. The update has improved the appearance of the submitted media so you can view larger images and video previews. Also, WhatsApp in the past only allowed administrators to control disappearing messages, but now with this update, all members of a group can edit the missing messages default. In addition to the disappearance of messages. WhatsApp is also testing its ability to bring photo disappearance to both Android and iOS platforms.

Whatsapp Offers Users on Ios Have Started the Latest Update With Two Big Changes

In addition, WhatsApp for iOS version 2.21.71 has extended the ability to modify the disappearance default message setting. This setting is now enabled for all group members, instead of just the administrator. However, according to the App Store log, administrators can “Still have Control” in operation by changing the change group information setting. This update is available through the App Store and all users should be able to upgrade soon. It seems to be a gradual mood, so you may not receive it information immediately.

WhatsApp has presented disappearance messages on the platform for Android, iOS, and Linux iOS devices in November last year. It is also live for Indian users. For those who do not know, once message disappearance is enabled. Text sent in one-on-one or group chat will disappear after seven days. This setting will not affect the messages you have already sent or received in the file chat before the messages disappear or are activated.

The instant messaging app has released a new update to the App Store. The new WhatsApp for iOS version 2.21.71 brings two new changes for all iOS users to the stable version of the application. The first change makes it easy for users to easily view photos and videos without opening them. Photo and video previews will be much larger than the square preview you see currently.

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