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WhatsApps New Update

WhatsApp’s New Update Allow Users to Use Multiple Devices Without Internet Connection

WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature that WhatsApp’s New Update allows users to use the application on multiple devices thus without an internet connection. This is done to update the features that appear in the messaging system.

This feature was first provided by WABetaInfo, which claims to be a popular feature. The feature is currently under construction. It expected that thus this Android in the next two months. Available as a beta version of iOS. However, then this may take more than two months as the device is still being tested. WhatsApp’s New Update Allow Users to Use Multiple Devices Without Internet Connection

In short, if you have more than one device to use without relying on the Internet, WhatsApp’s New Update feature will be smooth. Users can switch to all documents related to Android from iOS Games to enable this feature.

It says that if users do not want to update WhatsApp, they can not use WhatsApp’s New Update popular features of the application, including phone calls and messages.

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WhatsApp’s New Update It is a Beta Update:

  • WhatsApp has introduced it as a beta update.
  • According to WABetaininfo, the latest version of has released on the Google Play Beta platform.
  • The portal notes that WhatsApp has asked then some of its users to accept the new terms of service.
  • Labor says. “Accepting these new terms will not change your WhatsApp experience.

Use multiple devices:

  • Many tools, features, important updates are not available for all WABetainfo users.
  • The new feature allows users to use WhatsApp on many devices without a strong internet connection from the main device.
  • WhatsApp is considering launching a public beta of the site so that thus users can have a new experience with WhatsApp’s New Update without having to hand over their phone.

However, no official release thus date has set for this feature.

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