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Xiaomi Smart X50 Review

Xiaomi Smart X50 Review – Best Android LED Smart TVs

Xiaomi Smart X50 Review market in India changed fashion trends, forcing other brands to change their plans and offer consumers more options. As the technology becomes more expensive, Xiaomi is one of the many companies that can offer users a 4K display at a manageable price.

And he did it without the inhibitions of the big stage. The latest 50-inch Mi TV 4K has been in the limelight for the past few weeks, we can take a look at the TV to see if it lives up to the price and promises good features after equalization.

Xiaomi Smart Tv Review

Xiaomi Smart Tv Review

Recently, affordable consumer best-selling and buying televisions have improved in panel quality and design. I can see the difference with a 5-year-old 4K TV while still on a budget. Low-profile ads and MITV profiles give you a good impression.

Colors are brighter, viewing angles are better and we found deep blacks to be the best we’ve seen on a budget TV. Xiaomi smart TV has managed to fit a 50-inch screen into a compact body that is lighter than you might think.

The screen supports 4K UHD resolution with HDR and Dolby Vision. In addition, the TV has a MEMC that processes content at 60 Hz, which is usually supported by the board. This is useful when playing games and watching movies on the big screen. MEMC is rare in televisions in this respect, but Xiaomi has managed to bring it to the table.

Xiaomi Smart Tv X50: What’s Cool

Xiaomi Smart Tv X50: What’s Cool

Another thing that surprised us about this video was the soundtrack. Xiaomi has equipped the TV with 30W mono speakers and support for Dolby Audio and DTS:X for surround sound production. The surround sound is clean and clear, without the usual TV shows in this area.

Xiaomi uses the PatchWall UI that runs on the Android TV platform. Friendly and intuitive user interface. You can connect your set-top box and watch TV on the screen using the OTT app.

The interior provided by Xiaomi has all the buttons you need and easy access to Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney + Hotstar. It also has voice control, but we prefer to use the Xiaomi remote at the bottom. You have several options for connecting to external devices and sticks like Fire TV Stick or Chromecast.

Xiaomi Smart X50: What’s Not Cool?

Xiaomi Smart X50 What’s Not Cool

If we want to consider the quality of this TV, it does not affect the plan that Xiaomi offers for this model. The cut you get in the box is not the same thickness as the TV. You won’t be able to mount it on the wall with the TV, which Xiaomi requires you to buy separately.

Another thing we have is the built-in TV, which is limited to 8GB for some reason. Now, most smart TVs use Internet apps to take up storage space, so you need 16GB of storage. Even if the gap disappears, it can be a problem if the TV becomes obsolete and breaks down after a few years.

Xiaomi Smart Tv: Should You Buy?

Smart Tv Should You Buy

The Xiaomi Smart X50 Review is a great and powerful 4K TV and it doesn’t cost a fortune. You have a 50-inch screen with support for HDR and Dolby Vision, which brightens the room and gives you beautiful colors. A good built-in speaker allows you to use the TV in silence. It runs on the Patchwall UI built for the Android TV operating system, but the lack of disk space will affect the TV’s performance in the future.

The remote also works well and you can’t go wrong with the price. However, the TV does not come with a wall mount, storage will be limited to 8GB and Xiaomi is still shipping the TV with Android 10.

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