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20 Name Locket Designs

20 Name Locket Designs for Men and Women 2021

20 name locket designs for men and women 2021 in Pakistan. Guess what is the trend for the hottest jewelry? Name the accountant! No doubt! Wearing a necklace with your name on the pendant is a great idea to show off your personality. This trend first started in the 1980s, when people made a name for themselves as a symbol of the elite. Gradually, these necklaces became fashionable accessories for all ages and generations. Although the design of the real name pendant is very simple with simple engraving, modern pendants have a variety of styles and patterns that are suitable for the new generation of listeners. So if you are ready to try this process then this article is for you!

Why is the Name Locket So Popular

The medal was revealed by Kerry Bradshaw from the popular HBO series Sex and the City. After seeing this woman with a special pendant, the audience wanted to get a design like her name! Interest in the brand name has grown not only among women but also among men and children.

Depending on your budget and preferences, pendant necklaces are available in a variety of metals, including gold, silver, alloys, and more. Diamonds, crystals, and stones enhance the shape of this pendant from simple to special.

Beautiful 20 Name Locket Designs for Men and Women 2021

You can get name locket in different shapes and designs to your liking. But you don’t know which 20 name locket designs you can try? Here are some 20 name locket designs:

“Mahnoor” Gold Name Counter

Check out this beautiful 18kg gold pendant that shows your name in a beautiful font. Sizes, fonts, and names are open for customization. This delicate cut is complete with smooth edges and a shiny surface that highlights cracks. For a beautiful look, wear it with a short, gold chain. You can also give these pendants as a gift to your friends and family to make them feel special on their unforgettable days.

  • Design: Gold pendant from which it takes its name.
  • Metal: 18K yellow gold.
  • Event: Plainclothes, everyday clothes.
  • Style Tip: Wear a solid gold chain on this pendant.

Name the Silver Locket

Check out this beautiful silver chain with any outfit. 92.5-carat silverplate can be made according to your requirements. You can engrave names in any font and size. This beautiful pendant comes with a silver necklace that gently adorns your neck and occasionally shines. If you’re not a gold fan, go for this metallic color!

  • Design: 92.5-carat silver pendant with chains.
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Event: Plainclothes, everyday clothes.
  • Light Tip: Set it with solid or gold alloy chains for a two-tone look.

Nameplate 20 Name Locket Designs

Engrave your name with your partner on this handmade Gold ID tag. Its design allows you to add two names and add as you wish. The finished piece symbolizes the unity of two souls with love! Because of this basic message, pendants can be a great gift for your spouse on special occasions such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, etc.

  • Design: A pair of badges.
  • Metal: 18,000 gold.
  • Occasion: Occasional travel.
  • Styling Tip: Choose a short chain to highlight the pendant.

14K Gold Plated Arabic Name Pendant

If you want to write your name in a strange language like Arabic, you can try this idea! Pendants are made according to the length of your name and the desired size. You can also choose from different Arabic fonts for more effect. The base metal is sterling silver and the top layer is 18 kg gold. Pair it with a delicate gold chain to make your jewelry unique!

  • Design: 14K Gold Plated Arabic Name Series.
  • Metal: 14kg Gold Plated Silver.
  • Celebrations: Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and casual wear.
  • Styling Tip: You can add charm to a unique series.

Platinum 20 Name Locket Designs

This platinum pendant is the name of power with the role of a gold crown. The charismatic design has a great engraving and a high-quality color that makes it stand out. If you use.

Label With the Two-layer Camp Name

Another unique idea to turn a couple’s name into wearable jewelry is a short and long-chain around the neck of the second row, which is engraved in Urdu. Shiny yellow gold stains your neck, while layered enhances the visual appeal. You can use this design and customize the label in your language and font.

  • Design: Personal nameplate in Urdu.
  • Metal: alloy
  • Reflections: Parliamentary and office clothes.
  • Styling Tips: Wear a neck or long dress to show off your design.

Mangal Sutra 20 Name Locket Designs

Take a look at this Mangasutra design that combines tradition and modernity. Creative modeling allows you to express your love for your man in a way that does not depend on others. There is a beautiful diagonal plaque with a black chain from the Tuesday Sutra. You can also add designs like hearts, flowers, or other special symbols. Although pendants and chains are made of brass, you can find this idea in the form of real gold.

  • Design: Special Tuesday Sutra 18K Chair Gold Cuff Link Pendant.
  • Metal: Copper
  • Event: Workplace and daily use.
  • Style Tip: Pair this necklace with a simple gold nail to make it look great.

20 Name Locket Designs With Mom Name

Make your mom feel special by creating a new style with this sticker for her birthday or Mother’s Day. The 18K white gold pendant has an attractive floral design with Mother letters engraved in gold. Small diamonds adorn the pendant and give it a shiny shape. You can personalize this pendant with your mother’s name to make it more special. Choose gold or white gold chains with this kit and see the useless expressions on your mother’s face!

  • Design: Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold.
  • Metal: White gold
  • Celebrations: Mother’s Day, Birthday.
  • Styling Tip: Choose a pair of diamond earrings for a more elegant look.

20 Name Locket Designs Medal With Father’s Name

If your dad at least loves jewelry, this is a gift for him. The letter Father is inscribed on a personal medal with an identification mark. The combination of the silver body with the gold letters gives it an attractive effect. While this is a common accessory to purchase, if you have already planned it, you can personalize it with a real name.

  • Design: Men’s 925 Carat Father’s Name Pendant:
  • Metal: Silver
  • Celebrations: Father’s Day, Birthday.
  • Styling Tip: Choose a long silver chain that matches the pendant.

20 Name Locket Designs Lucky” Gold Leaf

Am I happy Now we have something to suit your mood! Take a look at this beautiful plaque with the word “luck” on it. Wearing it constantly gives a person a positive glow. The 22kg yellow gold pendant is open for personal use, including fonts, letters, and other decorations. Choose a suitable chain to complete the look!

  • Design: 22kg gold “Lucky” pendant.
  • Metal: 22-carat gold.
  • Occasion: For general, everyday use.
  • Styling Tip: Pair the pendant with some stones or lucky charms to give it a special shape.

Medal of Relief in the Heart With 22 Carat Gold

This gold pendant design is made of 22-carat gold and can display your name with art in the middle. These pendants look like hearts, but you can also give your name different shapes. Like the glitter of gold, so is your name. Since gold never ages, it is safe to hang heart-shaped gold and look beautiful. Let’s try to write your name on the pendant of the heart.

20 Name Locket Designs Silver Infinite Pendant

As the name suggests, we all want our relationship to last forever. This beautiful gem can enhance beauty. These pendants are made of silver metal and you can make them in different metals and styles. This pendant is suitable for wearing with ordinary clothes and for a beautiful gathering.

Personal Gold Medal for Couples

Many people like to pay personal attention to everything, even wearing jewellery. If so, it gives the hanging design name a personal touch. You can save your name and your partner’s name and look great. You can engrave the name on any shape or medal you want to own.

14k White Gold Name Tag

Many people want you to have a personal connection to each of their assets, including the jewellery they wear. If required, the pendant design name is a personal note. You can name your partner first and last and look great. You can name any shape or medal that you want to reflect your personality and style.

This pendant is made of 14-carat white gold and here you can hang your name as a pendant in the middle and be visible to the world. You can hang it on different types of chains that are tied together to hang the beauty of your pendant and necklace. This type of pendant is suitable for clothes that you want with your style and mood.

18-carat Gold Medal With Letters

Some people like their letters on the pendant or sometimes the first letter of their name. With this pendant, you can calligraphy the alphabet in your own style and make it unique and different. The pendant is made of pure 18 kg gold and precious diamonds are placed on the edges of the alphabet for attention. Gold medal design with this name never goes out of style. Here are the names of other common medals.

Diamond Pendant Name Design

The luster of the diamond makes you unbearable and forces you to appear on the shelf. This pendant is made of gold and besides its name, there is also a diamond which gives it a beautiful and elegant shape. This pendant is suitable for everyday and comfortable wear and gives you a beautiful and elegant look. What about this personal pendant?

Medals in the Name of Om and Ganesh Ji

This type of medal reflects your spiritual attitude and faith in God. On this medal, the words “Aum” and Lord Ganesha are beautifully engraved and engraved in the middle of the Rudraksha stone, giving a strong shape to this medal. You can engrave your name next to it if you wish.

Rose Gold Medal for Boys and Girls

A rose is a metallic rose that combines gold and copper and is widely used in jewelry making. Since it is a combination of two pieces, the result and end of this gem are different and have a beautiful appearance. This metal is very popular among women. This pendant has a wonderful luster and you can write your name according to your calligraphy style.

Name the Pendant S With the Gold Chain

This is a personal gold pendant with the letter S. Emerging flower shapes and symbols of love are engraved on the unique medals. It will be the best evening dress for women. It can also be used as a symbol of love.

20 Name Locket Designs Medal With a Nickname

Because we love our family in our hearts, this family will succeed. With a pendant, you can 20 name locket designs and suggest the names of your family members with art. In medals, they can have pendants and jewellery with diamonds and colors that can keep the beauty of the medal with many layers. This type of personal pendant is suitable for people who really love their families.

Name pendants have become a fashion statement for men, women, and teenagers who love this type of pendant. You can wear this pendant with any outfit of your choice and it will make you look strong. Find a variety of pendants that suit your personality and can be the perfect complement to your jewellery box. Try to customize it. Time to leave and move on.






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