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Beautiful and Stylish Mehndi Collection

Beautiful and Stylish Mehndi Collection – Latest Feet Mehndi Designs for Girls 2022

Beautiful and stylish Mehndi collection is are you a close friend or relative of the bride or groom? The hand henna application makes you a perfect bride or elegant girl for events, but the foot Mehndi design takes your look to the next level. Making different kinds of beautiful patterns on the hands and feet is just a satisfying feeling!

If you don’t do henna at any wedding event, Eid, or any festive occasion, your celebration will remain incomplete. Since it is not just a paste, it is made by rubbing the leaves of the Mehndi plant, then we add water and make a paste. The beauty and charm of the conventional Mehndi foot design certainly do not lose their charm! The appearance shows exactly the same meaning.

A long time ago, there was a time when women used to apply henna to their hands in the same order as their palms or just apply it to their hair. But over time, variations have come online and girls are applying them in different styles and designs. It came out in cones and it becomes very easy to draw different motifs. It has now become a trend, to have the same Mehndi designs on the hands as well as on the feet.

Beautiful and Stylish Mehndi Collection:

Stylish Mehndi Collection

You may have several options in this order. Indian brides apply it in different ways, they love to apply it on full hands and arms, while on the other hand. If they apply it on the legs, they also apply it on the feet. But in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and turkey, these patterns have remained quite simple.

  • Turkish Mehndi designs
  • Peacock Mehndi designs
  • Tikki style design
  • Henna models with bracelets
  • Finger Mehndi style
  • Mehndi Arabic design
  • Shaded Mehndi patterns

Mehndi Floral Design:

Mehndi Floral Design

In Pakistan, brides usually opt for the Tikki style as it gives a simple yet elegant look. Tikki doesn’t just mean circular-shaped dumplings, it also has many wonderful designs. You can add stitches on the outside, create beautiful flowers inside circles, and many other artistic patterns. We have collected some elegant designs to please your attention. As each design is unique.

Round Tikki With Rosset:

Round Tikki With Rosset

Plain Tikki with leaves is now the trendiest design, while rosette patterns inside the circle and artistic patterns are catching the attention of many girls. I am personally in love with these stunning models.

Jali Style:

Jali Style

This stunning combination of rose flowers with a simple Jali design is all you need to create a new trend for traditional brides.

Mandala Mehndi Designs:

Mandala Mehndi Designs

The round shape is known as a mandala. The mandala is shaped like a circle. It is a Sanskrit word meaning round shape or circle. Hence circle shape is very popular in Mehndi design.

Sides of the Legs:

Beautiful and Stylish Mehndi Collection

Calling all experimental divas future brides. This is the best model for those who want to grab the attention of the attendees.

Payal Mehndi Design:

Payal Mehndi Design

This is my favorite foot Mehndi design. A round floral mandala pattern is affixed to the Midfoot and is beautifully complemented with leafy accents on the toes and a Payal-style pattern on the ankle area.

Mehndi Style Motif:

Mehndi Style Motif

As the name suggests, the motifs are now very trendy, whether they are attached to a piece of fabric or creating a beautiful design from a cone. This oval shape model is beautifully designed, with glass on the inside and flower petals on the outside. Giving this design a more striking look, an elegant pattern is drawn above the ankle.

Simple Polka Dot Tikki:

Simple Polka Dot Tikki

These Mehndi wedding feet are very satisfying to look at and why not? Because it is the best design for any type of occasion where you want simplicity with elegance.


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